Iron Bull Strength 7mm Knee Sleeves


The 7mm knee sleeves from the iron bull strength is a knee brace that has been on the market for more than two decades. And it has gathered lots of ravings fans and support from elite sportsmen and women.

The marvel of fan is as a result of the iron bull strength company living up to its own standard when it comes to creating awesome product that sportsmen love. Aside from all the other sports gear that iron bull strength make, this knee sleeves is no other.

The uniqueness put into the creation of knee sleeves has left many jaw-dropping at how far the company is willing to go to create a premium product that is affordable and economical to many.

That said, for same quality that you will find in other knee brace, the iron bull strength comes with better features that you will find in any other high-end sport gear.

The difference now comes to price. You will find this knee sleeves and brace very affordable. The price alone is something that leave you won't shedding tears, what you will marvel about is the premium features that it has.

On the competition, you will find that the iron bull strength is better than the Rehband knee sleeves. The key features that the iron bull strength 7mm knee sleeves have lack in Rehband.

That said, the Rehband wasn't designed to keep up with daily sport challenges that sportsmen experience. For that reason, you are better going with this knee sleeves for lasting performance.

The performance of this knee sleeves for squats leaves lot to be said. If you are finding it hard to do simple thing like squats, Or you experience post knee pain after a heavy day weight lifting.

Those challenges and other that you meet when doing extreme support and other kind of sports is what this knee sleeves and brace was designed for.

High Performance Knee Sleeves

Within one week of use, you won’t experience any of these challenges any more that is because the iron bull strength ensures that every sport gear they make will make you tough and perform at your best.

Quick Interesting Features to Note

  • 7mm thick knee support that guarantees warmth and efficacy.
  • Double stitching premium material construction for added strength and protection.
  • Ergonomic design for custom secure fit.
  • Proven to reduce pressure and make recovery and healing easier.

The Pros

  • 7mm thick Neoprene material for prevention support: The 7mm thick knee support is perfect for people who are into power lifting, weight lifting and body building. Such aggressive kind of sports will need this type of thickness and knee support.This design helps you with extra support and agility to give you more horsepower to tackle all types of activities.
  • 3D patent design: The 3D patent technology makes it easier for you to fit in the knee sleeves and experience joint compression and warmth.
  • Keeps the joints warmth: It is one of the qualities that you can't ignore when it comes to these knee brace. Whether doing heavy or light activities, it comes as primary issues for this knee sleeves to ensure that at all times your joints are warm.
  • Ergonomic design: With these knee sleeves a snug custom fit is something that you are guaranteed when you pick the size. For better fit results, you can choose from their own sizing chart displayed on there websites.
  • Quality sturdy material: This knee sleeve is designed to make you last with it long and save you more money without the need for you being in the market for another knee brace again.

The Cons

There are couples of things that I love about this knee brace which I have showed you in the pros. However, if you are a beginner you will find this knee brace to be tight. Yes that is true, but when you break in, it gets easier for you to wear and fit on this knee brace.

Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take for one to break into this knee brace?

For some it is a matter of days, but it you can't go with it for more than a week.

How many do I get when I purchase the knee brace?

It is one pair. You get two for each knee.

How thick are they?

It is 7mm thick and flexible when it comes to size.


You have now read the 7mm knee sleeves from the iron bull strength. This is not a sport gear that you will compare on the basis of price. That comparison leads to a wrong judgment.

The premium features this knee sleeve has, provides more than just protection for your knees. What has to be desired about this knee sleeves is:

  • The confidence of doing heavy squat knowing that you will be up in a minute without feeling the pain.
  • The confidence of lifting a 200kg of barbell knowing that your knees remain sturdy and balanced.
  • The confidence of running or playing in the field knowing that you won't bend on your knees sliding up the knee sleeves.

When you compare what you get from this knee sleeves, you can't put a price tag on it. What you will do is thank the company for making this premium knee sleeves available to all sportsmen around the world.

I hope I presented this review about the iron bull strength 7mm knee sleeves without favor or biasness. My understanding is that you will make the decision to buy this knee sleeves not because I like it, But because it is the right fit for you. And it will help you solve every challenge that you experience in sports.

The iron bull strength knee sleeves is perfect for every sportsman outside that want more than just confidence when using.

Finally, get this knee sleeves if strength, confidence, support is what you are looking for in a premium knee sleeves. Don't shell out your cash because you want a cheap knee sleeve.

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