About us

I am sure you are asking yourself this question...Why another knee pad reviews site and blog. There are 100 of review sites out there. I get it. You want to know what makes me different and unique. Let me explains something...that will help you know me better.

Sam Keith
Owner & Founder

Why Customers Love our Recommendation

I am a professional football player. Back then when I started to play soccer, Knee pad, knee sleeves or knee braces weren’t my thing. Like any soccer player, I didn't waste my time with knee pads, knee sleeves and even brace.

Until one day, when things changed. I got a knee injury that lead to knee surgery.​ During those days of recovery, that is when a respected specialist told me to wear knee sleeves that would assist me in the recovery. Like any other person, I went on Google searching for knee sleeves. I read the first three sites and I made a buying decision.

The knee sleeves arrived. Two months later, my knee sleeves started smelling and getting dirty. When I went look for information again. Surprise! Surprise! I could find information about how to take care for my knee sleeves. In short, the information that you find on any review sites are:

  • Less detailed and not meaty about every aspect of product.
  • Or the reviewer highlights the fine point of product without telling you the cons so that they can make a quick buck.

Unlike most review sites, this blog is different and over the years, satisfied customers have bought our product because our blog is known for:

  • Creating jammed-packed meaty buying guide about every aspect and descriptions that you may need to know about knee sleeves, knee pads, and knee braces.
  • Hand-picked knee sleeves, knee pads or knee brace that are worn and tested by our team of reviewers. We rarely have time to tell you that this is an excellent knee pad. What we do is go through the exact descriptions, the type of material used and how snug the knee pad is. Our rule of thumb is to show you not to tell you.
  • Creating information about the product that would help you once you've purchased it. Not everyone is like Christian Ronald that can buy knee sleeves for each match or training day. For that reason, you learn how to take care for these little babies. Am talking of the best way to take care of them.
  • Our recommendation: Who should buy the knee sleeves, brace or pads? A lot of reviews out there will give you lots of information but fail to give you recommendation. Every knee sleeves is unique and is perfect for different kind of people and we do our best to tell you who should have it.

Those four things is what our blog is known for and over the years thousands of customers have bought knee sleeves, knee pads and knee braces based on our recommendation. We created this blog so that you can have an excellent buying experience based our recommendation. Even from our writing, you will sense that what we are showing you is real and we have tried and tested those knee sleeves.

How to Have a Conversation With us?

If you have any concern, question or comment, you can reach use to our contact us page. Before you do that, we have an awesome habit of getting back to you in less than for 48 hours. You can ask us anything, including if buying Mueller sport is better than buying Mava sport knee sleeves. Our team will be on your neck to ask you simple questions, then they will tell you between those two brands which one you need to take.

Who am I?

Like I have stated earlier, I am retired soccer player. Knee pads, knee brace and knee sleeves, have helped me in my career. All those three knee gears they are the reason why I had the iron bull strength and performance in earlier days.

They gave me the necessary support and the right balance of protection and comfort. I wouldn't say that they did up my performance, but at least I was able to minimize knee injuries and they even helped me recovery quickly from knee surgery.

With this blog, you will learn the different brands that I have tried. Plus those that my friends have tried. In every review about any sport gear, I included the limitation of this knee sleeves as well as give you recommendation if you should buy it or leave it.