Best Knee Sleeves for Basketball Reviews 2022 | Complete Guide

Best Knee Sleeves for Basketball

Basketball is among the most knee-straining games I’ve ever played. Since it involves using the power of the lower leg in every game, regular wear and tears on the knees are unavoidable. As someone who’s fond of playing the game, using the best knee sleeves for basketball proved to be quite helpful.

Knee sleeves reduce the amount of pain incurred on my knees. They protect them from scratches and bruises and give my leg the needed comfort for every game. Which is why I’m glad to share you my list of the finest knee sleeves on the market.

Our Handpick Best Knee Sleeves for Basketball

Best Value

Best Rating

Premium Choice

Mava Sports Knee Compression Sleeve Support

McDavid 6446 Hex Padded Compression Leg Sleeve

Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support

Nike Knee Sleeve For Basketball

It’s hard to miss out on Nike’s knee sleeves for basketball. The brand has one of the leading products in the market, including this Pro Combat Knee Sleeve. It is made of a lightweight Ariaprene material that warms the muscles and supports the joints at the same time.

You are assured of good breathability as it contains strategically placed mesh that wicks out excess heat and moisture. If you want a long-lasting knee sleeve, this may just be the one for you. Its abrasion-resistant material will last for many seasons.

It also has a contoured make to give you the desired freedom of movement. You don’t have to worry about it sliding down on the legs too. This knee sleeve has an exceptional elastic binding and a non-slip silicone grip that’ll keep it in place.

Mava knee compression sleeve basketball

This knee compression sleeve support from Mava Sports will help reduce strains, sprains, and swelling of your knees and muscles fast.

It is also effective in preventing knee injuries and improving blood circulation on the surrounding leg area. As the elastic material is made of anti-slip silicone, the product is sure to provide a stable knee and leg compression.

Once worn, the compression sleeve stays in place without having to readjust it throughout every game. The product is made of lightweight and soft material that allows both comfort and mobility.

Thus, there will be no stiffness in the protected area. It is also anti-itch and can be used by any gender, thus pretty much addressing any player’s knee concerns.

Bauerfeind Knee Supports For Basketball

Among the most trusted knee sleeves for basketball is manufactured by Bauerfeind Sports. Their product is designed to protect the knee from strains during sporting activities.

One of its prime features is the contoured pad that surrounds the kneecap. This plays a special function of dispersing pressure to reduce knee stress and lessen the risk of injury. You can enjoy a lightweight and comfortable gear because of its fabric that is of air knit style.

You also need not worry about sweat circling around your legs as this knee sleeve can wick them all out! After every game, you can simply wash it clean before reusing.

To have a perfectly-fitted knee sleeve, the brand has provided its own comprehensive sizing chart for reference. A 30-day warranty is also provided for those who want a return, refund, or replacement.

McDavid Padded Knee Sleeve Basketball

This 9mm McDavid hex padded compression sleeve is also a favorite of may pro and novice basketball players. Its length is extended to better provide protection against sprain, cuts, and scratches.

The moisture-wicking technology will also provide players with a comfortably dry feel during play or practice.

As part of the favored knee sleeves for basketball, this product is of durable materials consist mainly of nylon (80%) and spandex (20%). Furthermore, the padding is made of polyethylene foam that adds to its protective and comforting features.

If you don’t want to spend too much time washing it, don’t worry. The knee sleeve is machine-washable and dryable so cleaning it should only take a couple of minutes. For the perfect fit, refer to the brand’s size chart as provided.

AceList 2 Pcs Basketball Knee Pads Sleeves

The last item included in our list of the basketball knee sleeve is of honeycomb compression pad design. As one, it can provide unequaled protection against impact for both knees and legs.

The product also has an anti-slip band that prevents it from falling off no matter how intense the game becomes. Despite its tight grip, it is light and smooth on the knee as it is made of high-quality elastic polyester fabric.

You are also ensured of good breathability which could positively influence your game. Best of all, the knee sleeve can be used for any other indoor or outdoor activities, so you don’t have to shell out more money every time. For a satisfying purchase, closely check the brand’s size specification before placing an order.

Things to be Consider Before Buying The Best Knee Sleeves For Basketball

Here’s a quick list of the basketball knee sleeve features that might help you make an informed buying decision.

Be accurate on your sizing - imagine running down the court and pulling up your knee sleeve from time to time because of faulty fitting. That doesn’t seem so comfortable, and surely, you’ll be placed at a disadvantage. That said, it is of utmost importance to have a perfectly-sized knee sleeve. Find the exact measurement of your kneecap (sometimes thigh and shin) circumference to ensure proper fitting. However, different brands of knee sleeves for basketball come in various sizes so it pays to compare your own sizing to that of your preferred brand’s sizing chart.

Ensure quality materials - if you’re hoping to get the prime value, opt for knee sleeves made of quality materials. They can be costlier, but if they prove to be durable, you’ll end up saving some bucks. Check the overall quality of stitching as well as the materials used in manufacturing to get an idea of its durability.

Knee sleeves are perfect when they’re easy to clean - after an intense basketball game, your knee sleeves will surely be soaked in sweat. A short while later, it will smell foul, so you’ll need them washed right away. Depending on its materials, the knee sleeve may revert back to its top condition or not. You may look for one that is machine-washable and dryable for easy cleaning.

Consider a knee sleeve with padding - this may not be extremely necessary as you won’t probably dive on the floor. However, padding could help lessen the impact on your knees bumping into another player in occasional incidents.

Price matters - as you probably know already, popular brands do not necessarily have the best knee pads for basketball. There are less known ones that provide just as much quality at a more affordable cost. Be smart with your purchase!

Why Do Basketball Players Wear Knee Sleeve?

A basketball court is one fun, but dangerous playground to be on. Players run after one another, grinding their joints in the process, all for the purpose of shooting that ball to score.

Because of such intense situation, it is inevitable for players to suffer knee injuries. Nowadays, it doesn’t even surprise us anymore to hear about an injured player.


It is for this very reason that basketball players have to wear protective knee sleeves. In the game, the knees are very susceptible to a lot of wear and tear. This is especially true for veteran players who’ve been on the court for years.

Other than the protection, knee sleeves also provide support for knee and leg strength which are needed in every game. Also, it can serve as a fashion statement for those who love to emulate their favorite basketball stars. Now that knee sleeves come in a variety of colors and design, enthusiasts can better manifest their own style.

How Do Leg Sleeves Help In Basketball?

Although knee sleeves do not provide as much structure and protection as a knee brace, it offers certain benefits to basketball players. First of all, it gives them some level of protection against future injuries and helps them recover from a previous one.

Furthermore, it provides the joint a therapeutic warmth that increases blood flow. This provides you comfort and, in the process, increases their mobility.

Knee sleeves can also increase your awareness of your body movements (proprioception). This consciousness allows you to understand what you’re doing and what you can do on the court. The result is overall confidence in playing and a really good shot at winning.

What's The Difference Between Pads, Sleeves, And Braces?

Basketball players mainly use three knee gears to prepare for any untoward incident in the court. Namely, these are knee pads, knee sleeves, and knee braces. They may have similar outer looks but have completely different functions.

A knee pad’s main purpose is to provide additional support to the knee when there are external impacts. When knees are slumped down to the floor or banged against an opponent, players will have an added sense of security with them.

Knee sleeves, on the other hand, serve to give compression to the knees. This compression does not only prevent future injuries but also reduce knee pain. Wearing one speed up recovery from knee pain as it increases blood flow.

A knee pad or a knee sleeve do not do much in helping you recover from serious knee injuries, but a knee brace does. A knee brace increases the stability of your knees and provides external support for both knee and patella. Using this, you can prevent further injuries and increase your confidence in recovering and playing.

Tips to Keep Your Sleeves From Stretching or Slipping

In basketball or squats, wearing a knee sleeve that stretches or slips is as good as wearing nothing. Here’s how you can keep yours from becoming such.

  • Hand-wash your knee sleeves.
  • Lay it flat on a towel to dry.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners.
  • Don’t apply lotion on your legs when wearing one.
  • Carefully follow the manufacturer’s guideline for its care.

Final Notes

The basketball sleeve provide great protection and comfort on your knees. Knowing how much the game can trigger knee pain and many other problems, it’s a must for players and enthusiasts to wear one in every game.

If you’re now thinking of purchasing one, consider my above list as the products definitely are some of the ideal out there. Whichever product you choose, you can certainly gain enough information from this article.

If this best knee sleeves for basketball reviews article has indeed helped you, don’t think twice to share it with your friends! Don’t forget to leave a comment too!

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