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Best Knee Sleeves for Squatting

You've seen them. In gyms, workout and other intense training activities and wondered what they are? Knee sleeves have become an important gear for anyone involved in sports and everyday life.

Their compressional benefit and premium support has helped thousands of sportsmen and patients recover and prevent injuries from happening. Choosing the best knee sleeves for squats doesn't come natural to some of us because we are not sportsmen. It is tempting to buy any knee sleeves in the market.

Because of that I have written an in-depth guide that show you how to select a winner. Never let price to be your only criteria for choosing a powerlifting knee sleeves, look at the material used, is it neoprene or silicone? Then ask yourself, which of them fits my conditions.

Stoic 7mm Knee Sleeves for Powerlifting

Stoic Knee sleeves purpose built to hit heavier weights, higher reps, and more intensity! Specially designed for optimal performance & support for driving increased stimulus and progression.

In the course of training and exercise, this Powerlifting knee sleeves stimulate ultimate performance and support to power lifters and body builders. Quick interesting features to note:

Premium Performance - Power performance is something that you can't underestimate when buying this knee sleeves. It ensure heavy compression that holds the knee and add support and warmth on the knees during heavy use in workouts.

Unbreakable Construction - The patent triple stitching offers complete coverage and support for lasting performance. The knee sleeve adds warmth and comfort through a 30cm length.

Simple to Use - The instructions are easy to read and follow. You will get the on your email and also in the manual so that you have no problem when you are wearing them.

Unmatched Customer Services - Excellent customer services that answer every question and concern you have about the item that is shipped. They are responsive to calls and emails to assist customers like me and you find solutions to problems.

Ultra Flex Compression Knee Sleeve

The Ultra flex compression knee sleeve include 3D technology materials that improve muscular endurance and protect the knees and aid muscle recovery.

The 4 way stretch ensures all round premium protection for runners, weightlifters and professional athletic. Quick interesting features to note:

Double Silicone Anti-Slip Wave - The double silicone anti-slip wave provides you with better superior grip that you won't feel the need of adjusting your knee sleeves during exercise activities. The silicone material prevents the possibility of sliding or slipping down.

Comfort Fit - The sizing for the knee sleeves is better and promotes custom snug fit for people with petite, medium and large legs.

Before you get one, check the sizing chart to ensure that you have the right size for your leg. In the selection criteria, you have the option on whether you need a heavy compression or moderate compression.

Quickens Recovery - This is a healing knee sleeves. Apart from all round of protection that it offers, it heals against inflammation, swelling and stiffness of the knee. If you are recovering from injury, this is the knee sleeve to get.

Second Nature Knee Sleeves For Lifting

Second Nature knee sleeves promotes joints and muscle recovery. It provide the right balance of compression and support to counter all the activities that cause pain and injury.

The knee sleeve is superb and I love it. However, I can't recommend it for people that need heavy compression. If you are a heavy user, it may not give you the right compression that you need. Quick interesting features to note:

4 Way Compression - Ultimate support and comfort that adds softness and warmth to the knee is what this knee sleeves guarantees. The 4 way compression ensures that it stay in place at all time and allows you to bend properly with your knees at all time without the feel of pain and discomfort. You will work with this knee sleeves for a long period of time.

Quality Material - Nice construction that features 100% latex and nylon material that keeps the knee sleeves intact and make you embrace all exercise activities without feeling the kneed of adjusting.

The upper and bottom construction are an art of solid pieces that work together to provide the upper and lower calf with the protection and support it needs for various ranges of motions.

Right Sizing for Custom Fit - Whether petite, medium or large knees, there is something for everyone. The sizing chart on Amazon let you pick the right knee sleeves according to the size of your knees.

Nordic Knee Sleeves for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Cross Training

The gymnasts and athletes often try to find out some helpful accessories that can provide them a protected support. Most of the product can give protection but are unable to provide enough comfort.

That is why, many avoid wearing sleeves. But it is not a healthy option. It can cause serious damage to your knees while lifting huge weight. In that context, Nordic has brought up their best product for you.

The features are just like securing you from all kind of potential injuries in future. The warrantee of 1 year is also attached with this sleeve. Quick interesting features to note:

Premium Packaging - These Nordic Lifting knee sleeves arrive in a straightforward yet trendy bundle. It can be ideal present for yourself or any other individual who go to the gym.

Reduces the Chance of Injury and Pain - Because of their pressure properties and warming impact, these sleeves make a balance between knee and muscle.

Designed for Unisex - Nordic Lifting knee sleeves are reasonable for all intents and purposes of each client, simply make a point to check the size graph.

Materials - Nordic Lifting knee sleeves are hand-created utilizing premium materials and made by proficient experts.

Comfortable - These sleeves have a satisfactory fit and will adjust with your knee pattern perfectly.

The Users - Beginners and in addition prepared fellows should have this sleeve. Anyone that needs to enhance execution, avert damage or restore old knee damage. Both male and female people can utilize this knee sleeve.


  • This sleeve can also be used as a shin guard.  
  • It helps to reduce knee pain.  
  • The sleeve is reported to be comfortable.  
  • It is too much affordable for the customers.
  • Can be put on the jerks and jeans. So, don’ worry about it.
  • This sleeve can be washed by machine. But it is recommended to wash it with hands for enhancing the longivity.

7051 The Rehband Powerlifting Knee Sleeves

The Rehband 7051 knee sleeve is designed for serious athletes that want incredible support, durability and distinctive look. I have a strong belief why the Rehband knee sleeves is great for power lifters, world strongest men and Olympic lifters that is because it aid recovery, reduce impact and adds support to the knees. 

Its price in the market, doesn't come with a surprise to me either, that is because it delivers on everything that is advertises-that includes offering the right balance of comfort and protection. Quick interesting features to note:

High Quality Material - You will love the material included in the make. It is made with 100% Neoprene, 100% polyamide that cover the lining. The inclusion of this material is to guarantee you a nice stretch and little re-bounce during training exercise.

Keeps the Joints Warm and Compressed - The light and warm compression is something that will never miss in this knee sleeves. Because of that you will find doing exercises such as squats much better without serious discomfort. They fit nicely and snug.

KompleX Compression Knee Sleeves for Squats

The Bear KompleX knee sleeves may not be the household names for some of us, but they have something that deserves a look. Although the product suffers from obscurity, I wouldn't judge it by the small number of reviews.

The things that I noticed about the Bear KompleX knee sleeves is that it competes with other types of sleeves on the market on the basis of features. From the design to the material, you will have a feeling of quality.

When it comes to the usage and performance, they work well as advertised but it only a few concerns make the knee sleeves lag behind. Here are couple of features that you will love about this knee leaves and may be think of the buying. Quick interesting features to note:

Solid Stitching - The knee sleeves holds in place without leaving you the worry of adjusting when it slides. The medium size offer excellent support and snug fit for persons with petite and medium legs.

Bonus Item Free Bag - A free bag is included in the purchase of the knee sleeves. You can store inside, the sleeves, wallet, straps and phone when you are at the gym.

Lots of Pads - It has enough pads that add lots of warmth, protection and comfort to your knees all day long and in any season.

Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve

The copper Recovery knee sleeve is capable of offering you light compression and comfort at all times. The copper sleeves have received raving reviews because of their additional warmth and superior support.

On the comfort side, you will love the knee sleeves because they don't restrict motion and movement on the knees. They have fin adjustment to help you have a custom fit and their compressional abilities won't cut circulation. Quick interesting features to note:

100% Copper Material - This is a copper infused compressional sleeves. At 88% you experience the highest amount of copper in the knee sleeves that supports and softness sore muscles.

24 Hour use - You can use the copper sleeves round the clock and you won't experience any pain, discomfort or injuries. That makes them suited for people who want to recovery from all types of knee injuries and surgery.

Keeps the Joints and Muscle Warms - Inside the knee sleeves there is a nice comfortable fabric that provides support and helps retains a wide range of motions.The importance of this range of motion is to provide you with warmth and strength. The elastic rubber both at the top and bottom of the knee sleeves stay in place.

Things You Should Know Before Buying The Best Knee Sleeves for Squatting

Not every knee sleeves for squats is perfect for you. Different sleeves are made for different purposes. They are those designed for athletic and those design for general use. This brings us to my first point. Now, question is how?

What do You Need the Knee Sleeves For?

Most people will need a knee sleeves for lifting for 3 distinctive reason.

  • For sports that involves lots of motion movement or power lifting.
  • For general use to give you that needed support and comfort for optimum performance.
  • To aid recovery from the knee or surgical operation. Or medical ailment such arthritis. Depending on your case, you can't miss what you are looking for.

To give you a general idea, if you are serious into sports or athletic, you will need a knee brace that will give you heavy compression for superior support and protection. 

A good example of such a knee brace is Rehand brand. If you are recovering from injury or have medical ailment, The copper joint knee sleeves is perfect for such situations.

knee support

For general basic use, the Rehand brand is perfect for you. That does not mean that this are the only brand for those condition, they are many. What I wanted to do is to give you is a general idea.

Types of Knee Sleeves

They are 3 types of knee sleeves and all of them serve different purposes. Here is a run-down of the types that will help you select something that fits your lifestyle.

The open knee sleeves - Choose this type of knee sleeves when you want to loosen the pressure on the knee cap. You will identify them easily because they come with a hole in front of the knee that minimizes the pain on the knee cap and allows your knees to breathe smoothly.

Closed knee sleeves - The perfect type of knee sleeves for those folks that want support and heat retention.

Built-in stabilizers - The perfect type of knee sleeves for person and folks that want extra support and comfort to their knees and ligaments.The question now remains...what type of knee sleeves do you really need? What exactly do you need it for?

The Knee Sleeves Thickness

Knee sleeves come with 3 types of thickness and you will frequently see these types of things in their sizing charts. Here is a breakdown of what you should be looking for.

The truth is most people don't real get to the neighborhood of understanding the various thicknesses. 

knee wraps

The 3mm knee support - The 3mm support is for those athletes who participate in endurance sports. The 3mm support makes them lighter and are often worn by athletic at the end of their work to enable them gain control of their knees. You will find most training athletes at the gym have this type of knee sleeves often.

The 5mm Knee support - They are made for athletic who do tons of training activities, that is because this folks needs agility and support.You will find the 5mm knee sleeves used in sports such as long distance running, at the gym and even in football.The 5mm knee sleeve is used for general activities because it delivers superior support and protection.

The 7mm knee sleeves - If you are into power lifting, weight lifting and body building, this is the type of knee sleeves you will need most of the time.They are design to help you with extra support and agility to all types of activities that you will do.

Design and Materials

Let's be honest. The material that you use will have an impact on the overall benefit of the knee sleeves. A problem that most people have is to choose a knee sleeves that is expensive only to realize that the material doesn’t give the knees the extra support that it needs. Knee sleeves come with all types of material.

You need to know how a certain material will assist in the comfort and support that it offers. For instance, knee sleeves made of cloth provides minimal warmth and compression with great comfort. If you are into sport, you definitely don't need these types of knee sleeves.

neoprene knee sleeve

Knee sleeves made of neoprene material give the user a mild compression, warmth and prevention against injuries. When buying knee sleeves, depending on the material that you like, comfort and fit must be your number one priority. For those folks obsessed with optimal performance and premium compression during workout, a knee wrap is perfect for you.

Comfort and Fit

Make sure that the knee sleeve you get has to help you achieve the comfort and fit that you want. Never choose a tight knee sleeves because that can impair your circulation or cut back blood from flowing.

crossfit knee sleeves

At the same time don't choose a knee sleeves that is loose to the extent that it feels like you are wearing a piece of cloth. If you have the correct measurement, you will have a knee sleeves that offers a snug fit.


If you are into work out, the way you perform on every session will matter. That is why you will need a Weightlifting Knee Compression Sleeves to keep your muscle warm and withstand all the heavy training that you undergo.


I have to admit that some knee sleeves are expensive. Before jumping to these expensive items, look the features to make sure that you are getting something that is of high quality and value.

Seek professional assistance

You will need professional guidance if you are buying a knee sleeves because of the injury or medical ailment. Your physician will show you the right kind of knee sleeve that you should choose.

How to Pick the Right Size of the Knee Brace

If you don't know what you are doing, you will pick up a size that does not fit you snugly.

There is a criterion on how to determine the right fit for your legs to prevent the chances of choosing a loose or tight knee sleeves. Here is the process:

Knee Sleeves
  • Take a flexible tape measure that is calibrated in inches or centimeters.
  • You need to take measurement of 5 or 7/8 inches or 15cm down from the middle of the knee cap.
  • For accuracy of this measurement, keep a 30 degrees flexion on the knees. Now get the circumference of the legs that should tell you the right size for your knees.

What Do Knee Sleeves Do?

Knee sleeves play an important role during intense physical activities. They are designed to help you reach optimum performance. If you are a sportsperson it is important to have a knee sleeves, they will provide support and protection to help you avoid injuries. On top of that...Here are some of the benefits of knee sleeves.

Provide Support During Weightlifting - Sports such as weightlifting and power lifting require several sport gears. One of them is knee sleeves. When you are carrying weights, the knee cap grinds and this affects the tendonitis. Knee sleeves may not shield you on the risk of tendonitis but they will give you support on your knees.

Provides Compression to the Knees - A knee sleeve provides compression benefits that help increase blood flow and reduce pain.Materials that are used to make knee sleeves such as neoprene glides over the knee and this helps in blood circulation in addition to the knee sleeve providing support.

Most workout expert and doctors recommend wearing knee sleeves after intense workout to prevent the joints from swelling.The compressional benefit that comes from the knee sleeves helps in the management of synovial fluids.

These fluids assist in the lubrication of joints to prevent soreness and swelling. The synovial fluids also aids in recovery.During a cold weather you can wear the knee sleeves to give you the additional warmth and keep your joints lubricated.

To Aid Recovery and Healing Process - If you are in sports, knee sleeve become an important gear in your careers.That is because they aid in recovery and healing process. The compression they provide leads to an increase in blood flow which speeds up recovery time. If you have a knee injury or undergone a major surgery, you can use a knee sleeves.

Shields Athletic From Runner and Jumper's Knee - The runner's or jumper's knee is very common among athletic professional. The runner's knees occur when there is a swelling or pain on the knee as result of imbalance.Such condition can be prevented by the knee sleeves making them important gear to them.


To be honest, choosing the best knee sleeves for squatting is not that easy as most people think. It is not a product that you will vote for it on the basis of price alone.

For instance, you can't opt for a knee sleeves that gives you heavy compressional benefit if you are not a sportsperson that does heavy lifting. Same with material, you have to select them wisely. I hope I have provided enough information to help you make an informed decision.

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