Bracoo Knee Support Brace Breathable Neoprene Sleeve

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You have looked around and not even a single knee brace has got your attention.

I get it, it is hard and tedious. However, stay with me a little, in the pages ahead I want to show what makes the bracoo breathable knee brace unique and worthy every cent.

Bracoo Company is known of using innovative technology to design high quality material that makes excellent sport gear. The bracoo knee Support brace is no different. It features crafted design and material of the highest standard in the industry. And because of that it has received lots of love from satisfied customers around the US and the rest of the world.

Which begs the question: What is the bracoo knee brace know for?

  • Enhancing and reinforcing the stabilization of patella.
  • Prevent displacement of the support wrap and guide the knee cap into excellent motion movement.

If you are looking for something close to the two reasons, then you have my full recommendation and you won't regret it. Aside from that you are free to wear the knee brace any time of the day. It doesn't matter whether you are having it for your training program or workout.

It will just work fine. However, this knee brace is also perfect for sports and I have seen most sports professional say awesome things about.

To get more details let us look at....

Quick Interesting Features About the Bracoo Knee Support Brace

  • Made of breathable neoprene material that inhibits sweat accumulation.
  • Comes with open-patella design that is known for relieving pressure and reducing pain in major areas of the knee such as the joints.
  • The patella stabilization ensures that your knee remains aligned in right position. For that reason, you will benefit great if you have ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL ligaments.
  • The knee brace features Velcro straps that are attached to the exterior points to prevent slippage.

That is all I can tell you about its functionality. For more of this tiny little bit of information you can look around.

The pros

Adjustable 3 straps: The knee brace comes 3 adjustable straps to allow for easy closure and to help your find that perfect fit that prevents slippage. Additional the Velcro straps are located in two different places. The good news? Each of these Velcro straps can be adjusted according to the smooth, comfort and fit that you desire. The 3 Velcro belts come with 12.5 inches to 18 inches knee circumference making them one size fit for all people.

Extra-thick neoprene material: If you are buying this knee brace because of the health problems, then you have my blessing. The extra-thick neoprene material makes this knee brace provide you that added support and protection. Additional if you are just from a knee surgery, you will find wearing this knee brace a haven. The compression benefit of improved blood circulation to the muscle and tendon is superb and this alone can help you recover quickly from post-knee surgery. In short, these knee brace has everything that you will ever knee need to relieve yourself from pain and recover quickly from all injuries associated with the knees.

Moisture vents: The entire knee brace is covered with moisture vents and its purpose is to prevent sweat build up so that you can remain comfortable the whole day.

Points to Note Before Check Out

Reviews alone can make you think that this is perfect knee brace. However, I won't dispute one fact, which is: Most people have a love for this product. Virtually any sportsperson I have talked to like the knee brace.

No wonder it has over 2000+ review on online shops. However, it has its cons.

Bracoo Breathable Knees Support Sleeves

The Cons

The knee brace has moisture vents; however they are not superior enough to prevent total buildup of sweat. What I mean is that, at the end of the day you may have little bit of sweat but it does dry up.

Second, this brace does restrict the range motions and tend to slip down a little bit.

In those two cases, I won't consider this to be a deal breaker because almost every knee brace in the market has the problem of sweat and slippage. For the same price, I wouldn't consider this to be an issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bracoo knee brace come in pairs?

No pairs, it only one for one knee brace. If you are experiencing pain on both knees, you may have to buy two knee braces.

Does the bracoo knee brace have waterproof features?

No. If you are looking for something to use in the swimming pool, look further. However, the bracoo knee brace can be hand washed.

What is the thickness of the knee brace?

The material used to make this knee brace is 3.175mm and the Velcro is 1/8 inches. Those are not exact dimension but approximation

Conclusion and Recommendation

Is the bracoo breathable knee brace for you? I would recommend the bracoo knee brace to persons under four circumstances:

  • Post- surgery knee pain.
  • Too much strain on the knees.
  • Arthritis
  • Added support for 5%-50% loss of function.

If you are going to buy this knee brace buy it for the following 4 reason. Youwill get additional support and protection all the time.

Any sportsman who has seen a doctor will always get two recommendations when it comes to the knee brace-It is always either:

  • The bracoo knee brace.
  • Ipow patella knee brace.

Hope this guide gave out more information to help make an informed decision on whether you need this knee brace.

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