Cambivo Knee Brace Review for Running, Arthritis and Injury Recovery

Cambivo knee brace

Simple and unique Cambivo knee brace comes in a pair with the appropriate compression on its knee sleeves sufficient to maintain that firm grip you need to get your workouts going smoothly.

Cambivo knee brace helps to give the appropriate support needed for your knee muscles to flex properly especially during your running exercises. With its amazing features, it is highly recommended by medical practitioners for use as it serves to fix broken and torn patellas, prevents pain on the knee that must have occurred through any sporting activity such as meniscus tear, LCL and PCL. It is designed to work well with people suffering from arthritis.

Anti-Slip Design

The brace is designed with silicone gel at the sleeve. This gel helps to keep the brace in position irrespective of the nature of the routine and the extent of flex on the knee muscle.

It is designed in such a way as to make it easy for any user to put on. This brace is a slip fit with considerations to compression limits for the knee. It is also made with of highly stretchy materials.

Optimum Technology

To avoid cases of skin irritation and the likes, Cambivo is designed with a highly breathable material which performs the role of absorption and releases to its maximum, thereby generating optimum comfort.

The breathability of the material ensures a proper regulation of thermal circulation on the knee.


  • It is made of a highly breathable material.
  • It fits perfectly to the skin like a glove.
  • It gives sufficient knee support.
  • It can be worn for as long as possible all through the day.
  • It has considerations for compression limits whereby, the brace can be pulled up for more compression and pulled down for less compression.
  • It’s available in all sizes.
  • It comes in pairs of different colors of choice.


  • The brace design is plain and not too catchy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the brace be worn by persons suffering from arthritis?

A: Yes, it is designed with total considerations for the patella so as to relieve pain and aid faster recovery. More so, it is medically approved and recommended by medical professionals.

Q: Will the brace pull off during exercise/workouts?

A: The brace is firstly made of an anti-slip material which mostly comprises of silicone gel around the sleeves that prevents it from pulling off. Secondly, it is designed with a 3-dimensional stretchy material which includes nylon, spandex and latex with superb back edges for appropriate compression.

Q: How fast does it aid recovery?

A: Quite fast, if constantly worn as prescribed by your physician


Cambivo knee brace comes with exciting features with you in mind, helping you to achieve the comfort you so desire by aiding a fast relief to your knee injuries.

It is specifically designed for running, then other sports inclusive and highly functional for individuals suffering from mild and severe arthritis. It comes in multiple sizes and colors of choice to suit your style and preferences.

It gives support to the knees which makes it possible to carry out exercise and workouts while getting your knee back in shape especially for individuals with knee injuries.

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