Copper Compression Knee Sleeve for Men and Women


First, two question....

Do you know the benefit of copper infused knee sleeve? And the next, how do you know if you are buying the genuine copper from imitation?

The copper compression knee sleeve has 88% of copper nylon material. No impurities like oxides or sulphites on the knee sleeves. Thousands of customers check out the copper compressional knee sleeves for the following reasons:

  • Genuine copper material that delivers superior compressional.
  • Excellent support on the knees and sore muscles.
  • Superb comfortable fabric that you can stay with for 24 hours on your knees without worrying about slipping or rolling down.

The copper compressional has more than that. In this article, I want to show you why thousands of men, women and kids still buy this the copper knee sleeves for their use. And see if you will make the best buddies with these babies. Here is what you the information that you may need to know:

The pros

  • Ultra comfortable fabric: The copper fabric is soft and sturdy. It gives your knees superior support with the capabilities of retaining a range of motion movement.It vital for the copper knee sleeves to retain a range of motion movement so that your knees can be able to perform its role of running, walking. even this sleeve helps doing heavy exercise like squats. In fact, the one thing that you will love about this sleeve is the strength that you they give your knees. That means leg press, squats and even power lifting won't be a problem to you and neither will you have excuses for missing any training.
  • Designed for high performance: Apart from comfort and the added support, a lot can be said about its performance. First, you can use this knee sleeves for the whole day. With the copper sleeves, you will attain muscular endurance and vitality during workout, Basketball, powerlifting. And for the avid hiker, this can be great knee sleeves because it can be worn the whole day.
  • Washable: I have to admit that the copper knee sleeve is made with quality fabric that can withstand any washing detergents and it will not weaken its function. And because of that you can wash it in washing machine or hands.
  • 88% copper material: Let get real.There is no product on the market that has the highest content of copper material like this knee sleeves. With that geniality of the material you are bound to experience compressional benefit. Good compressional benefit enhances better circulation in the blood that speeds up recovery. Other imitation of this knee sleeve you will find them having oxides and sulphate. You can't compare the copper knee sleeves with Tommy copper.To test this, buy the two products. Wear one on one knee and the other on another knee; you will feel a major difference in support and compression.The Tommy copper is a little bit painful and it gets your knees uncomfortable while the copper compressional sleeve is comfortable pain-free. Additional the Tommy copper bunch up behind the knees. That is the experienced I had when I bought them and choose the perfect size for my knees.
  • You can wear it for 24 hours: There are other sleeves on the market that are sweaty and you can't use them even at night. The fact that you can use this knee sleeve at night makes it perfect for people with post-knee surgery pain and wants quick recovery. During the night, the product delivers excellent compressional without cutting of circulation.
  • Light and thin: The copper compressional recovery knee sleeve is super light and thin. Its barely noticeable under the legging or any sport attire.

The Cons

The copper compressional comes in black color only. It also has a silicone beard at the end, it easily slip or curl down if you have not position the sleeve in the right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How may knee sleeves do you get after purchase?

The copper knee sleeves are sold in single. If you want for both knees you will have to buy two.

How do I get the right size for my knees?

To get the right fit for the copper knee sleeves, you need to take measurement 5 inches from the knee cap (patella). Depending on what your sizes can make decision based on what the following sizes on their sizing chart.

15.5''-17'' inches=medium size17.5''-19'' inches=large size19.5''-21'' inches=extra-large size. Any sizes that you choose will have a rubber grip on it that keeps you rolling down.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Hope my review about the copper compressional knee sleeve was great you to make you make an informed decision. May be you wondering, who should buy this knee sleeves. Here is my full recommendation:

  • You will benefit from greatly from the copper knee sleeves if you have knee pain or you are just from post-knee surgery. You can wear it for 24 hours and it will speed up recovery.
  • For any person involved in sports and they want something that will give their knees the right balance of support, comfort, compression and protection.

There you are. If any of the reasons feels right to you, then it is a sign that you need to check out.

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