CopperJoint Copper Knee Sleeve #1 Compression Fit Support


It no secret that the CopperJoint copper knee Sleeve contains 100% copper material. Unlike its competitor like the Tommy copper which have some impurities such as oxides?

That is what is outstanding about this copper knee sleeves. Copper in its purest form, has the ability to:

  • To promote quick knee recovery from all injuries associated with the knee.
  • To relieve pain.

Because of that, it is has received some love from every sports person to the casual patients. The copper works by pulling electrical current inside the body to help in relieving pain and promoting recovery.

It is lightweight and comfortable, the top and bottom are elastic to promote a snug fit. In addition to that you will find the copper knee sleeves much comfortable because they stay in place and won't slide or slip down during heavy squats.

With the copperjoint knee Sleeves you will have the willpower to do all kind weightlifting, power lifting and squats without worrying about your knees. A lot can be said about this copperjoint knee brace....let's turn to...

Quick Interesting Features About Copperjoint Copper Knee Sleeve

  • Equipped with ant-slip mechanism. Do whatever you want any time of the day and you are guaranteed that the copperjoint knee Sleeves will stay in the right position. Never will you have to time to bend and adjust the knee sleeves. The double-silicone anti-slip guarantees this.
  • No-smell at all. If you have used other competing product, you will smell the stench from a distance. The copperjoint braces is designed to be odorless even after extended period of use.
  • Build for optimal performance from the finest fabrics that keeps the right temperature of the copperjoint.
  • Ergonomically design to support a wide range of motion movement while at the same time providing knee support and mobility.

The pros

One size fit for all: From the 2500+ reviews no one has ever complained about the size of the copperjoint brace. It is the right fit for everyone-whether one has a petite leg or large leg, they will get their right size. The good news is that each copper sleeve can be expanded up to 60% from the original diameter for custom fit. To find the right size for your leg, you need to measure around the thigh 5 inches from the center of the knees.

4 Way compression design: Anyone-old, adult or teenager can wear this type of knee brace. The 4 way compression design makes this knee brace perfect for sportsmen and women who want to up their performance. Patients who want speed recovery and relief associated with the knee, inflammation and arthritis ailments.

Moisture wick design: Unlike most competing knee brace, you will love the copperjoint for one thing. It is designed with superior moisture wick material. Wear it any day, in any season, and you won’t feel like you have sweat knees. It keeps your knees dry and comfortable the whole day. It is the perfect knee brace to sleep with at night or even for 24 hours of use. The soft unisex elastic is what keeps sweat away.

The cons

At this price I wouldn't complains even if it had limitations. Thousands of customers have benefited from the copper joint knee sleeves. And they have enjoyed the benefit of knee relief and speed recovery.

However, that is not a sign that the product is perfect. In fact, what I find to be limitations are:

  • To tight at the top and bottom.
  • They don't come in pairs.

Technical I wouldn't call them a deal breaker looking at the price. I would still buy them for my next training season. These babies are heaven send.

Frequently Asked Questions

-Is there itching of something kind when earing the copperjoint knee Sleeves?

I haven't experienced any at the time of use. However, what I have experienced is the tingling. To me it is not a big deal.

- How do I get the right measurement?

There is a sizing chart for you to get right measurement. The photos of the knee brace includes a sizing chart and directions on how to measure to get a specific size. Following the given direction, you will find the perfect match for your knees.

- Does it come in pairs?

No. It is one knee brace for one knee. You will have to buy another one if you need for the two knees.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Since my last surgery five years ago, the copperjoint copper knee Sleeves has been of great help. The pain and soreness reduced after some days. I am happy to say that the copperjoint cut down my recovery days and I was in the field again playing soccer. Now this begs the question, who should buy the copperjoint knee brace.

If you are still confused about which knee Sleeves to buy, then I will advise you to get the copperjoint knee brace. You will enjoy all the compressional benefit that you will get from high-end braces.

  • Professional athlete: I can't emphasize this further. No sweat, no odor, no slipping at all.
  • There you have my recommendation and blessing, if you are thinking of buying the copperjoint knee brace.

There you have my recommendation and blessing, if you are thinking of buying the copperjoint knee Sleeves.

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