DISUPPO Hinged Knee Brace Open Stabilized Patella Adjustable Support

disuppo hinged knee brace

The disuppo hinged knee brace that protects the leg from torn knees, knee fractures, tendon pulls, muscle pulls, torn ligaments, Anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL), MCL, PCL and LCL injuries. It is designed to not only give support to the knee, but it also adds the necessary compression to the upper and lower part of the knee thereby keeping the knee sockets in place.

Its feature is designed to enhance practicability and simultaneously coincides with medically approved features for knee braces, thereby making it a perfect recommendation for people suffering from chronic arthritis. It is also a good choice for professional sportsmen.

Disuppo Hinged Knee Brace Features and Detailed as Follows

  • It is made of stabilized patella support which helps to give the right compression and pressure to the upper and under part of the knee.
  • It is also made of neoprene rubber which aids thermal heat appropriately on the knee.
  • The straps at the side aid stability for skiers while climbing up steep slopes.
  • The straps are also made with the right materials to ensure the clasps are locked in place during excessive sporting routine.
  • The compression exerted on the flesh around and on the knee helps to heal knee injuries faster.
  • The stabilized patella support helps to properly circulate appropriate heat on the knee with the right pressure therefore, giving the right support for the movement and proper motion.
  • It also offers a padded buttress for support around the knee.
  • Its dual hinges create adequate support to injured knees.
  • The dual hinges are also designed to protect the knee from MCL, ACL, PCL, and LCL injuries.
  • Its side straps are designed to give a personalized fit for any user.
  • The padded nature of the brace gives comfort to the wearer.


  • It provides adequate support for injured knees.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It gives comfort to the user.
  • The dual hinges provide adequate stability.
  • The hinges also provide an adequate amount of compression to aid healing on injured knees.
  • It can be worn as long as possible.
  • The straps are made with the right materials to ensure a proper lock even when carrying sporting activities.
  • The straps are made adjustable to suit users.


  • It is available only in black.
  • It is only available in large and extra large size.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: The brace looks tough does it mean it’s also heavy?

A: Yes it is tough but not heavy. Movement is very much easy and made possible as disuppo is made with breathable light weight materials.

Q: Do the straps stay in place after been fixed and do they stay that way throughout workouts?

A: Yes the straps are made with materials that keep the strap lock properly in check.

Q: Can the hinges be removed?

A: Yes. However, the pattern of the design is to include the hinges for firmness at the sides, above and below the knee for firmness.


Disuppo hinged knee brace is designed with a dual hinge open stabilized patella adjustable support adequate and medically approved for persons suffering from ligament tear, muscle tear, ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL and any joint related issues pertaining to the leg. It is well padded to give comfort to the wearer during movement and any form of recreational activity.

With its neoprene features, it’s certain to retain the right amount of moisture and ensure adequate circulation of thermal heat. The nature of the material is highly durable and is resistant to water, oil, and alcohol therefore, enabling it to withstand exposure to such conditions.

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