DonJoy Legend SE-4 Knee Support Brace Review


Looking for something with the gladiator look and feel, get yourself a DonJoy today. The knee brace with the look of class, style and the promise of comfort. It is designed to fit perfectly and carry out the purpose of relieving pain that occurs as a result of knee injuries or accidents. It also serves as a support from individuals suffering from mild to serious knee injuries such as ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL. Its design features is also suited to serve as a source of support from individuals who recently had a knee surgery to fix up torn patellas and knee ligaments.

Multiple Strap System

Donjoy has multiple strap system which provides adequate support for the leg. The strap system is designed to create sufficient pressure on all points of the knee and this is even made more possible by virtue of the level of compression it possesses.

Light Weight Material

The material is designed to be light. That way, it doesn’t weigh you down upon use especially during movements and muscle flexing. The lightness in weight makes you feel the effect of its support on your legs and gives you the option of wearing it under any piece of clothing

Back Knee Strap

DonJoy has a back knee strap which supplies pressure behind the knee and allows the leg to stretch but provides a cushion that prevents the knee from experiencing excessive pain or losing its bone contact due to an over stretched work-outs on the knee.

Adequate Knee Compression

This knee brace is designed with appropriate compressions around four major parts of the knee which supplies pressure at the right points and aids a faster recovery of knee bones.

Unique Design

This brace is designed with to depict simplicity, uniqueness and style to the user.

Pros of DonJoy Legend SE-4

  • Maintains a firm grip with the knee thereby providing support.
  • It gives stability.
  • Designed to aid movement and flexibility.
  • Available in all sizes including sizes for minors.
  • Designed to be a light weight material that way users would not be put through the stress of having to deal with the weight of the brace and also, their legs.
  • The compression straps can be adjusted by either increasing the pressure or reducing it. That way, your pain levels can be controlled absolutely.

Pros of DonJoy Legend SE-4

  • Available only in black color.
  • Available only for the right leg.

Important FAQ For DonJoy Legend SE-4

Q: How often should I wear DonJoy?

A: The compression knee brace can be worn for a period of some hours and the straps should be periodically removed for pressure relief.

Q: How often should I wear my knee brace?

A: It is expected to wear your braces just as instructed on the manual.

Q: Can it be worn under any piece of clothing?

A: Yes. It is designed to give room for wearing any clothing of choice. That way, you have multiple options regarding clothing choice from.

Q: How do I clean my braces?

A: By using a clean damp cloth to clean it up and sun-dry to prevent smell.


Donjoy knee brace is designed to be one of the best knee brace choice ever. Its design features include the presence of an adequately patterned knee strap which supplies the required amount of pressure to the leg. It is medically approved for use by medical practitioners, doctors and surgeons for extreme knee related injuries such as torn ligaments, broken knee bones, ACL, OCL and LCL.

It is designed to give firmness to the leg thereby aiding support, flexibility and movement, By virtue of its supportive ability, it is well suitable for individuals suffering from arthritis.

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