What Are The Best Exercises For Knee Pain Relief

Exercises For Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain is something that has the potentiality of bothering you at any stages of life. Whether you are a young men or women, teenager or child, professional athlete or weekend fellow, you cannot guarantee yourself from the knee problems. We are very much health conscious nowadays. We often perform high intensity exercises. They can result in knee problems. The athletes are more vulnerable to knee pains. These knee problems can be hereditary or anatomical. But some exercises can really help you out in this context if you are sufferer of knee pain. Let's have a look at some exercises for knee pain relief.

The Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) has recommended that a knee patient should not be accustomed to pharmacological ways. They emphasized the other methods that include the weight reduction programs, therapeutic exercises, health education etc. Research shows that the therapeutic exercises have a lot of positive impacts on the knee patients conditions more than the pharmacological recovery. There are three basic therapeutic exercises. They are isotonic, isokinetic and isometric.

Among the three therapeutic exercises, the isometric exercises are highly effective and comprehensive for the patients as they can be performed without any equipment even at home. There will be no worry whether you are on a trip or on a vacation, you can do them on your own comfort. That is the best thing reason, the patients are highly requested to do the type of therapeutic exercise.

Strengthening Quadriceps

Placing rolled up towel under your knee lay on your back. You have to active the thigh muscles in order to strengthen the knee for 5 seconds by repeating it 10 times.

Abducting Hips

You have to lay on your back with keeping a small pillow or a rolled ball between the knees. Make sure your feet are on the floor. You just have to squeeze your legs to the things you hold. Do it for 5-10 seconds reporting it for 10-20 times a day.

Raising Leg Straight

At first, try to raise your right leg without uplifting your abs rather keeping it tight. Left leg is to be raised similarly. You have to lift your leg about 6 inches off the floor.

Butt Bridge

Just lay on the floor on your back. Your heel should be closed to your butt while bending the knees. Then, try to uplift your hips. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds. You can do it for 10-20 times a day.

Final Word

Broadly, the physicians also suggest taking some advanced level exercises. Squats, legs lifting, weight-lifting, step-ups are such advanced exercises. You can begin your session with the easy form. They are to be done with some safety measures. Such as, you should wear a knee brace or knee pad while doing them.

When you are ready to depend on knee exercises, you must know that you have to inform your doctor and a certified trainer who can guide you throughout the process. For your kind information, ACE, CSCS, CPT are some noteworthy certifications that you can rely on.

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