EXOUS Knee Brace Support for Arthritis, Sport and Running.

exous knee brace

Exous protector with a double hinge wrap designed specifically for you in mind. Exous Knee Brace is non-slip fit brace made for individuals suffering from Jumpers knee meniscus tear, patella tendonitis, ACL lateral sprains, Medial Lateral sprains, arthritis, LCLs. It is also designed to protect the knee from injuries that might occur during sporting activities such as skiing, athletics, basketball games, kick-boxing, wrestling not to mention a few.

This brace type also serves as a support for the knee and also aids proper leg balance and stability. It is designed with a comfortable material on the inside with the right texture.

  • It's an open patella knee brace that comes with a strap band to apply the needed compression and support to prevent a case of it slipping off.
  • Made up of the material with the right texture and quality, therefore, preventing cases of skin reactions.
  • The strap has the right compression effect on the knee and around it needed for desired results.
  • The source material is made breathable.
  • The 4-way strap system enables you to adjust straps to your needs.
  • The bigger straps help to provide a massive enclosure around the knee and aids support.
  • The smaller straps are designed to apply enough pressure on the patella as well as relieve pain when necessary.
  • It has double lateral stabilizers at the sides that help to give anchor and support to the leg especially in cases of sports that demand more pressure such as skiing, basketball, hockey not to mention a few.
  • Designed to fit perfectly to your leg giving it a nice look and fit.
  • Furthermore, the 4-way strap system is also designed to apply the needed pressure and compression on the leg.


  • Exous knee brace is easy to use.
  • The 4-way strap pattern is designed to give room for knee pressure preference.
  • It exerts just the right amount of compression and pressure for support and movement.
  • It fits leg perfectly like a second skin.
  • It comes with a guide for different leg sizes.
  • It also comes with clear and concise wearing instructions.
  • Best comfortable sleeves for basketball or any other sports.
  • Straps can be loosened according to needs.


  • Braces might not fit in a case of gained weight or loss in weight if plans are on the way for future use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the brace come with the right size as stipulated in orders?

A: Yes. We work with calf size and knee circumference to give the perfect brace for different leg sizes.

Q: Are the straps adjustable?

A: Highly adjustable.

Q: Is it available in different colors?

A: No. Exous is only available in black.

Q: How often can it be worn?

A: It can be worn for as long as possible.

Q: Does it come with a guide on pattern of use?

A: Yes it does come with a guide and instructions for use.


For a brace with a 4-strap feature and for the price, I would say go for it and don’t look back. Exous Knee Brace gives room for options on compression levels and freedom levels for every part of your knee giving you a freedom of choice without having to bear the need to handle pain or pressure for too long.

The material is a breathable one with just the right amount of thermal heat which is also proportional to the level of compression on the 4-way strap is evenly distributed in the right amounts to the knee thereby aiding comfort

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