Fox Head Mens Launch D30 Knee Guard

The Fox launch pro knee/shin pad has an updated version of their launch knee pad. Hard shell and soft shell combination offers the best quality protection of the series. Its ergonomic design and soft shell fit has been made with the kelver front knee panel.

Its most identifiable feature is the flexible knee cup which is made of plastic. Comfortable and impact protection has been delivered in keeping your safety first. Just keep concentrating on your riding without fearing about the accident and injuries.

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Fox Racing Launch Pro MTB Knee/Shin Guard


Some unique features have made this Fox launch pro knee/shin pad unique. All of them are available for maintaining a safe protection. Just have a look at them.


This pro knee/shin guard is made of perforated neoprene material. That is why, it brings you in a comfortable position.


A silicon gripper is also found at the back of the knee to fix the pad in place. Elastic strapping system is placed top to bottom. No need to worry about the misplacement during the riding.


Yah, people of all sex can put on this pad comfotably. There is no limitation of the user of different sex. But it is not designed for the children.


This quality product has come up with best version of the series which ensures the dryness. Perforated neoprene technology renders the breathability of this pad.

High-class Ergonomic Fashion

The pad is manufactured in a pre-curved way to provide you with the ergonomic fashion and fitting.

Colour and Sizes

The one and only colour available is black. It can be because I think black products are less likely to wash. A number of sizes are there for you. Keep an eye while choosing in between them.


  • Manufactured with the breathable perforated neoprene.
  • Gripper made of silicon offering elasticity and maintaining the pads in right place.
  • Ergonomic fitness.
  • It can be worn both over and under the pants and jeans.
  • Comfortable stay coverage with pedaling motion.


  • A limited number of customers review shows that they have some problems of sizing.
  • Some unknown sources says that they are facing the issues of slides hardly keep in right place.

Q. Is it for one piece or a pair?

No, it is package of a pair.

Q. I love to wear jeans during biking. Is it possible to wear this under the jeans?

Yah sure. You can feel the comfortable fitting of this Fox Launch pro MTB

Q. There is a huge difference between the launch version and the pro-launch version. How can I choose the size?

There is a chart of the sizes which will suit your body measurement.

Q. Is it okay to buy this pad for playing basketball?

Not at all. It is designed for bend knee sports type such as riding, biking, bi-cycling etc.

While concluding my discussion, I will not assure you with my words. Because I am sure that you will definitely be convinced with the Fox Pro-Launch MTB safety guard knee/shin pads.

Its features and the pros are of some kind which is capable of satisfying a common level. The professional and the passionate people, who you are, this is not the question.

This high quality product has the potentials. Just specify your needs and criteria on which you will rely on. Best of luck.

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