Fox Head Mens Launch D30 Knee Guard

Each and every person has some passions, hobbies. Different types of games and sports are there. But the thing is that most of the us leave their passion for only having injured. It is not a wise decision.

Protective measures can provide safe sporting. However, choosing an ideal product is not an easy task at all. That is why I have come here with an extraordinary solution. Fox MTB knee guard has been recognized as revolutionary product for knee protection.

This is why I am suggesting you to get an idea about its pros and cons. Let's have a look at them.
Fox Racing Launch Pro MTB Knee Guard.


I have found some distinguished features of Fox MTB knee guard while researching on it. I think you can look into it for making a good decision.


Fox racing MTB knee pads are manufactured by neoprene which is perforated. This allows that you feel comfortable and dry as it is breathable.


You will be glad to know that this product is made for both men and women. It not limited to specific sex. Cheer up.


Kelvar fabric is used to make the knee cup. This knee cup is suitable for the DH rider.


As it is pre-curved in factory, it is assured that it fits you perfectly. There is no doubt that it will bring an ergonomic fitness for your personality.

Top-bottom Elastic Strapping

Its top to bottom strapping is elastically constructed. It helps the strong but flexible support for the pads all around. This allows the pad to fix itself in one place.

Hard Shell, Soft Shell combination

It has a hard and soft combination of shell. It means you will have hard protection from soft fit. You will enjoy this combination as it pampers your movement while riding and racing.


  • Easy gripping while racing
  • This product is the designed for the people of all sex.
  • It is renowned for its ergonomic design which will definitely suit your personality.
  • Made of urable materials
  • Clip lock system is enough for your frequent movement without moving your knee guard.
  • You will have a complete package of knee guard.
  • Comfortable as long as you are with Fox pro knee guard because of foam chasis which is vented.


  • Fox cannot be sold as pair.
  • We have negative reviews on its sizing problems.
  • It is suggested that an upper strap should be placed on.
Frankly speaking, nothing in this world is without its dark sides. Some negative issues can never diminish the whole significance. This is what I want to say. Just relying on others view for making a choice is not a right track.

I focused on honest documenting of Fox racing MTB knee guard. Your priority can only be known to you. You know the best which is for you.

I think you got the point of me. Fox MTB knee guard can definitely proved to be an ideal product if you think so.
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