Fox Racing Launch Safety BMX MTB Knee and Shin Pad

I am quite sure that you are searching for the best which can satisfy your needs as well as your choice of fashion. I have come up with a quality product for you. It will be worth of your money and time. I am talking about the Fox Racing Launch Safety BMX MTB Knee Pad.

Whether you are a professional sportsman or a lover, this pad is capable of fulfilling your comfort zone. Why are you looking for an alternative? It is useless when there is the best MTB shin and knee pads within your budget. Leave wandering all around. Just have a look at the features.
Fox Racing BMX MTB Knee/Shin Pad


The identifiable features of Fox BMX shin and knee pads will certainly amaze you with the quality. They are suitable for both the BMX riders and mountain biker. There are some of them furnished below.


The shin pads are both of hard shell and soft shell. Hard shell offers the exclusive support in case of the accident. But it feels very hard and heavy. On the other hand, the soft shell renders the comfortable protection. Because you don’t if you are a sportsman on passion, you can give it a try because you don’t need the extra-ordinary support for your injuries. But, If you are professional sportsman, you should make a habit of wearing this heavy making hard shell.

Fashionable Design

Most of the people often choose between the shin pads and keep their knees without protection. This is the reason you should have covered your knee and shin with the combination of the two pads. Buying the two can also provide you with the awesome look and fashion.

Cool & Dry

During the summer and hot weather, you don’t need to hate the shin or knee pads. This is why, the info says that there are enough arrangement for the proper ventilation which ensures your comfort.


The good and the advantages of this Fox Launch Safety shin pads are something like that.

  • It is perfectly designed for the BMX riders and mountain riders.
  • Made of perforated material which ensures the exact ventilation.
  • A pair of shin guards is reliable for the bikers comfort zone.
  • The strapping technology helps the pads not slipping from the place.


  • It has been found out that the upper velcro strap should be a bit larger to make it more adjustable to the knee.

I usually ride through the mountain. Can I use Fox Racing shin pads?

Why not? It is suggested that you the Fox Racing Launch Safety shin pads are very much suitable for the BMX riders and the mountain riders.

I have a problem of heavy sweating during summer. How can use both the pads?

Don’t worry. There is enough room for the ventilation.

I think think this pad can slip from the place. Is it possible?

I don’t think so. The strapping system is used to fix the pads with the body. It also prevent it from slipping.

Professional riders are often in search of such a product that is suitable for high quality protection and fashionable outfit. This demand of them is fulfilled by the FOX Racing Launch Safety BMX shin/knee pads. Its perforated material ensures the proper ventilation.

For this reason, whether the climate is winter or summer, you will fill cool and dry. Its is worth of buying this product to make justice to your money. But we have to accept that each and every has its limitation. You can have a look at the cons I mentioned. Just have faith in my guideline. Happy shopping.
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