How to Clean a Knee Pad in Washing Machine

If you are an avid visitor of any skate or knee pad, you will see that there is a concern about cleaning a knee pad in the washing machine. That the washing machine will break the foam and elastic in the knee pad. It happened when I tried that sort of things, until I learned how to do to it with a washing machine correctly.

For these to work perfectly, there are some few things that you need to keep in mind. You need oxygenated detergents. They will not interfere with or react with the knee pad. Before you begin to wash the knee pad, check to see if you can remove the hard-shell, the exterior one. The next step is for you to wash the knee pad without the hard-shell. Here is where you use the oxygenated detergents to do the trick.

For those who will use the washing machine, make sure that you separate the knee pads from any other clothes. Knee pad catch stains and it may soil some of your clothes in if washed together. You need to use warm or cold water in the washing machine and then put the oxygenated detergents inside for a gentle wash.

For better cleaning results:

  • You need to leave the knee pads open.
  • Place them inside the mesh bag or pillow case.
  • The Velcro need to be attached to each other to prevent lint build-up.
  • Don’t use to too much detergent when cleaning the knee pad.
  • Once you are done with your washing, rinse the knee pad with cold water.

The final step is to air dry the knee pad. Whether you washed by hand or washing machine, never use a drying machine to dry the knee pad. For better result, you may need to dry the knee pad in outside. That way when you wear the knee pad for works it never slide.

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