How to Clean MTB Knee Pads Using the Washing Machine?

Let’s face it. Cleaning the MTB knee pads can be a hassle, most of the time I never like to clean them with my hands. But when you are have a washing machine to take care of your cleaning, you need to be cautions on how to use it.

For instance, you cannot mix knee pads with other clothes in the washing machine, because the caps might stains your t-shirt and shirts. You need to place them separately.

Now before I show the process, make sure that you have absorbed its smell using the charcoal and zip lock baggy that I have outline above. Still the washing machine can remove the smell.

MTB Knee pads don’t need that aggressive washing like other clothes, they need a gentle soft wash because they don’t have stubborn stains and ground grass stains.

They just have the sweat stench and little debris for that matter. When it comes to the detergent, you will still need to use oxygenated detergents like oxy clean. If you use other detergents it may irritate the pad and make it lose its effectiveness.

Here is the exact process that you can use to clean the knee pad using the washing machine:

  • To prevent the Velcro fasteners from snarling up, you need to secure them all.
  • Take the knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads, then dump them inside the washing machine.
  • Inside the washing machine, you need to spread the knee pads, the elbow pad and wrist pads so that they can be clean well to the bottom efficiently.
  • The water level in the machine needs to be set to low and high enough to cover the pads.
  • After that you should let the machine to cycle gentle.
  • Take the oxy clean or any oxygenated detergents that you may have and measure a quarter cup of it, then put in inside the washing machine.
  • Immediately start the washing machine after you have kept the solution inside.
  • Let the machine run for some few minutes, so that it mixes with the detergents to clean the knee pads. I don’t have the ideal time, but I set mine to run from 20 to 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, you should stop the machine and let the stinky knee pad stay in that water for another 30 minutes again.
  • When you are done with soaking for 30 minutes, start the machine again to resume its normal cycle for another 10 or 20 minutes. You are doing thorough washing of the knee pads so that they can stay clean for long lasting performance.
  • Remove the knee pads in the washing machine, once the machine is through with the cycle.
  • The mistake that people make after removing the knee pad putting them in a drier. Instead let them dry overnight or you can put them outside to dry faster.

That is how simple you can clean the MTB knee pads using washing a machine.

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