How To Wash Your Volleyball Knee Pads?

You have to wash your knee pads by calculating how often you use them. First, read the user manual carefully once.

If there are no specific instructions there, then you can just wash them into your everyday laundry so that you may be able to find them ready when you need them.

The family's elderly members should train the family's youngsters to wash their knee pads after playing volleyball

You have to dry them on air, not into dryers, because the dryer can damage the rubber and latex content and compromise the snug fit.

You have to dry them in the air after washing them. Do not put them into the dryer. The dryer may cause damage to the rubber and latex content and compromise the comfortable fit.

Until they are completely dry, don't use them again or put them into the gym bag. Don't forget that knee pads take time to dry. It has so many layers like- padding, the shell, the stitching, and the extras.

It is essential to dry all of them properly before using them again. A highly-padded pair may need up to 12-hours to dry.

You can't wash them the night before using them and have them ready and dry to use the next morning. 

If you think you may fall into this problem, it will be better to buy two knee pads and use them alternatively.

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