IPow Knee Strap Pain Relief and Patella Stabilizer


The icing, the heat and even other knee brace won't help your patella until you have the ipow knee strap. The knee brace wasn't created to relieve you from pain...but it was designed for person suffering from the patella injuries.

Unlike Other Knee Brace, the Ipow Patella is Known for:

  • For helping patients that have pain associated with patella, tendon irritation and inflammation.
  • Normalize patella tracking and reducing unwanted movement of the patella.
  • Acting as a buffer over the point of tendon insertion, allowing the dissipation going through the patella tendon.

If you are going to buy the Ipow petalla knee straps, your reasons will be among the three, because that is what this brace is for. To sort out issues or challenges that you may have with the patella. However that does not mean that you can't use this knee brace for other reasons.

In fact, you will find this knee brace quite comfortable to be used in any exercise or training programs. It does much more that give you knee pain relief.

It is a soft kind of knee brace that offer superior support around the knees, either above or below the patella.

To learn more about this knee brace, here are....

Quick Interesting Features About the ipow knee strap

  • Comes made with high quality fabric materials that are soft and gives your knees that added cushion and comfort that you deserve.
  • It is ultra-slim and lightweight to prevent any damage and pain for person involved in extreme or outdoor sports.
  • For custom and fit, a double knot design with adjustable straps is included in this knee brace.

The pros

  • Quality Durable Material for Premium Performance: It has adjustable Velcro support for custom secure fit at all time and in the prevention of slipping when doing rock solid exercise program or training. Its material features proper stitching without hanging threads, frayed edges or irregular patterns. In short, long lasting experience is guaranteed with the patella knee brace. With this knee brace you will feel more warmth and increased blood flow that thanks to the quality fabric that is breathable.
  • Feather Light and Small: Hardly noticeable even after you have put on your exercise loose pants. So light and soft that you won't feel like you have a knee brace on your leg or even dragging something heavy when at work or training.
  • Excellent Customer Services: If you have any concern about this knee brace, the customer service representatives will be happy to respond to you.
  • Adjustable Strap: The straps are adjustable for custom compression and fit. Wearing this knee brace won't cut of circulation like the other knee brace on the market. Its Velcro makes it for any person to put this knee brace on.
  • Flexible Slim Insert: A slim insert is included in this knee brace and its role is to protect your knee from damage and relief from pain.
  • Points to Note Before you Check out: The sheer amount of positive review shouldn't tell you that the Ipow patella is a perfect product. However, I have to admit that the product has got some love from satisfied customer around the globe.
  • Let Turn to Its Limitation: The stitches on the material make it slip out from the clip but I wouldn't consider it a big deal. What I am most concern about is the tendency of the plastic slot turning lengthwise when you are tightening the straps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ipow patella knee brace use tubes inside for compression?

No. This is not like McDavid knee brace and others. The Ipow petalla knee brace lacks tube.

Can I use it together with my exercise pants?

Yes. The Ipow is small and light. No one will ever notice that you have it own. It is hardly noticeable and neither does it create a valley on your sweat pants. However, you have to wear them over a snug-fitting type of leggings, yoga or stretch pants.

What circumference does the Ipow patella support?

The circumference is 18 inches for a big knee brace and 13 inches for small knee brace.

Which material is made from?

Made from pure cotton and it has Velcro straps.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Do you still another review about the Ipow knee strap? I don't think so, what you have right now will help you make an informed decision. If you are still wondering what the Ipow patella knee brace is for, here is my recommendation:

  • For people who are not comfortable wearing a bulky knee brace.
  • For person having pain associated with the patella or from patella surgery.

There you have it my honest recommendations. I have used the Ipow for those distinct reasons. If needed an exercise knee brace, I will to have check out another knee brace but not this one.

However, I won't discourage you from getting this knee brace for exercise reasons or training. I have revealed to you what has works for me without biases. Thanks folks for making it to the end.

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