JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards

Biking, cycling, skating, riding have become popular sorts of sports nowadays. Reckless biking is the cause of frequent accident and fatal injuries. Skating has also some responsibilities to cause your leg injuries, back pain etc.
Most of these accidents are avoidable if you can maintain the safety measures. JBM International has come up with their product to assist you in this context. JBM BMX bike knee pad has something special for you on which you can rely.
Can't you concentrate sometime with me? You will also agree with me that JBM BMX bike knee pad is the right choice.
JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads


The features are really identifiable from other products. Its time to have an idea about them.

Compete Package

JBM BMX has a compete solution for you. A pair of bike knee pads has a combination with elbow pads. Moreover, a set of wrist guard is also provided with them.


This bike knee pads is constructed with high quality PE and PP materials. Durability and toughness can be ensured by the sleeves which is made polyester fabric. It also make it breathable.

Fashionable for Adult

This knee pads are designed for the adult as this type of outdoor games are often played by adults. A cool sense of fashion will make you feel enjoyable. Professional and knowledgeable riding is secured from shock injuries.

Compatible For Various Sports

JBM BMX is designed for different sports. Skating, biking, riding, skateboarding, cycling are some of them. Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guard have to be used during the practice and game time.

Adjustable Size

The only size is easily adjustable to each and every knee, wrist and elbows. The straps are so adjustable that the flexibility depends on the desire of the user. Its use can be customized according to the user.


JBM Knee pad has come with great quality product. Some of these pros are brought up here for your consideration. I think you will like it.

  • This set is for multi-users who wish to do their best while playing a number of games.
  • Easily adjustable with any kind of shape of the user.
  • Full protection from injuries by elbow and wrist guard.
  • Breathe-friendly fabric is used.
  • The fashionable design will definitely charm you.
  • There are five colors you can choose.


  • Unfortunately, its not for women. JBM is noteworthy for men's product.

Q. Is this suitable for seven years old child?

A. Yes. Most of the customers are ordering them for their children. In addition, they have reviewed them as so easy to adapt and comfortable.

Q. I am a skating-lover. I usually go on skating on ice. Is there any problem it using on ice-skating?

A. Not at all. You will feel a strong support from the wrist grip guard. So, enjoy yourself.

Q. Can these pads be worn under the clothes?

A. Yes, of course. But make sure that the clothing is loosely fitting with the body.

Q. Is it okay to use while snowboarding?

A. Why not. The protective covers are hard enough to give you proper support.

In fine, I can only assure you that JBM has a internationally accepted reputation of manufacturing men's sports items. If you are fond of skating, snowboarding, riding, biking, ice-boarding etc., you don't need to worry about individual sports items for them.

JBM BMX pads are there for you. In this way, it can save your budget too. Strong protective materials are breathable as well. To prevent injuries of your knees, elbows and wrists, it is needed to adopt some protective measures while playing your favourite games.

I think you will agree with me that JBM has the potential to satisfy your desire.
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