McDavid 6440 HEX Mountain Bike Pads

Wait, wait. Are you an athlete? Are you in search of the superior quality product? Don't look for another page. McDavids Hex knee and elbow pads are there for you. With the Hex technology, McDavids is designed for absorbing all types of impacts. High quality materials are used for this product. Flexible movement do not hamper your continuous protection. Most interestingly, this is suggested by the professional athletes and doctors as well. So, you can spend some time with me as I am going to give you some idea about this widely recommended brand. Let's have a look at the features of McDavids Hex Knee pads.
McDavid 6440 HEX Padded Sleeves


The iconic features of McDavids hex are able to amaze you. Need to have some knowledge about it. This is why I am to make you understand.


The McDavids hex MTB pad is made of nylon which is about eighty percent and twenty percent of spandex. Notably, spandex is responsible for the flexible movement.

Flexible Use

It depends on you whether you use it on your knee or elbow. It is easily fitted on either side. You have the freedom to use it as your wish.


You will have only black colour of it. It is one pair too.


It is all about moisture management technology which maintains the pad cool and dry. You will not any unnecessary problems of sweating.

Washable by Machine

You will be happy to know that your McDavid Hex pads can be washed with machine. It can also be dried by machine.


It has a diverse range of sizes. The main intention is to keep your fitness while wearing this pad. So just chill. Hex pad is a class of impact pad along with the hexpad technology which has the potential of impact absorption.


  • The hexpad technology combines the impact absorption.
  • The moisture management technology helps to keep you dry and odor fee.
  • Flexible to use for knee and elbow.
  • Different sizes are available choosing the right one for the customer.
  • The main thing is that this pad covers a vast area of your legs. But other competitors' pads do cover a short part.


  • There is a complaint from the customers' review that the highly tight fitted part of lower thigh is responsible for feeling uncomfortable.
  • You can categorize it as a cons that it is designed for men. Unfortunately, this quality product is not recommended for the ladies.

Q. I have a problem with sweating in summer. Can this pad be used in summer?

A. Yah sure. For your kind information, this hexpad is designed with moisture management technology which keeps it cool, dry and odorless.

Q. I am a tall guy having 6'4"  height. Do I have a size of this pad?

A. Why not? You need to choose a bigger size than the length of your legs only for being comfortable.

Q. What are the colours available ?

A. This pad is only available in black.

I think this could be test of your taste while choosing the McDavids MTB hexpad. I am saying this because of some uniqueness I have identified. Your comfort zone is highly maintained.

The hassle free washing system can be a plus point too. Moreover, the materials used for this product is qualified in the market. Don't worry about the flexibility of its use. You can rely on this while using for elbow, shin or legs.

Whether you are an athlete or not, you will rock. I am quite sure I will be rewarded with your trust. Hope for the best.
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