NeoAlly Compression Knee brace for Running, Squats and Arthritis


When it comes to knee braces, you just can’t get enough. In our bid to give you the perfect brace for your comfort, constant innovations and inventions are been made to bring in more features and better improvement.

NeoAlly compression knee brace is one of the latest braces with so many designed and medically approved features with the perfect fit just for you. It is designed to work best for sporting activities such as running, basketball, weight-lifting, cross-fit squats and a few others.

It is specifically designed to reduce pain and aid fast relief in cases of meniscus tears, ACLs, MCLs, PCLs, LCLs and any knee related injuries.

Latex-Free Material

It is designed with a latex-free material which gives room for breathability and a resulting comfort. The effect of its breathable nature is to allow for sufficient absorption and release of moisture so as to keep the skin dry.

Optimum Support

The presence of a high level of compressibility gives adequate room for support to the knee which invariably aids support and flexibility of any degree thereby providing a long lasting compression.

Lock in Place Design

With a lock-in-place design, the knee brace is ensured to stay put firmly and securely on the leg. It is also equipped with silicone gel along its compression sleeves which keeps the brace firmly secured. Also, the lock-in-design gives no room for rolling up or rolling down the brace which means you have a secured strap all the way.

3D Design

The brace is designed with a 3d technology design which ensures that all knee point are supplied with the appropriate compression needed to prevent pain and knee related injuries and also ensure a fast recovery for individuals suffering from arthritis and PCLs and its likes.

The 3D feature is also visible at the anti-roll knitted weaving at the back of the knee which prevents the part at the back of the knee from folding up during sports.


  • It is a highly flexible material.
  • It is equipped with appropriate compression needed for support, stability and fluid-like mobility.
  • It is made up of latex free material which gives room for easy absorption of sweat thereby keeping the skin dry and comfortable.
  • The knee sleeves are designed with a tighter 3D weaving and silicone gel which keeps the brace securely locked in place.
  • It comes in singles and twin packs and also in different sizes.


  • It’s only available in black color.
  • The tight 3D knitted design feature with its corresponding compression gives no room for adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it adequate for use for arthritis patients?

A: Yes. It is most adequate for individuals suffering from arthritis. NeoAlly is designed with sufficient compressions and lock-in designs to keep the knee brace in place all through every-day.

Q: Can it be worn under any clothing suit?

A: Absolutely. It’s a slip fit brace with highly flexible materials which makes it take the perfect shape of your legs and as such, making it fit like a second skin. With NeoAlly, you need not worry about a bulge.


NeoAlly is designed to give support and aid flexibility and mobility in the knee. It is specially made to aid comfort hence the latex-free breathable material. With its 3D design, adequate compression are placed on all knee points which makes it a more suitable fit for individuals suffering from knee related injuries. More so, it has been medically approved by medical practitioners as an adequate brace for individuals suffering from arthritis and knee related injuries due to its numerous amazing features and its lock-in-place design which gives no room for the brace falling off during workouts and movement.

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