Nike Pro Combat Knee Sleeve

Do you play outdoor sports? Are you passionate over basketball? It is very much obvious to extract some safety measures while playing your favorite games as there can be huge chance of a lot of injuries in your legs and knees.

In this context, Nike has brought about a milestone by introducing their one of the best products of knee sleeves.  It is Nike Pro Combat Knee Sleeves. This knee sleeves is mainly designed for the basketball players.

Even, the people suffering from knee pain can also rely on this sport gear of the manufacturer. While you are in the outdoor games, you will be amazed at the support and protection from the Nike Knee Sleeve For Basketball.

Features of Nike Pro Combat Knee Sleeve


The material of Nike Pro Combat Knee Sleeves includes 39% nylon, 22% TPE, 18% Polyester, 11% spandex and 10% silicone.


The Nike Pro Combat knee sleeves are breathable as the Ariaprene material is used with different parts. That is the reason; the knee sleeves is impressively breathable and comfortable.

Pain Relief

The knee sleeves is designed for the players stuck with the pain in the leg and hip joints. This joint pain also results in the back pain.

Lightweight Design

The ariaprene material design and also make it light to wear and easily usable. This is the feature that has been responsible for making this sleeves a popular one in the market.

Well-balanced Design and Quality

There is a well balance between design and quality in Nike Pro Combat Knee Sleeves. For that reason it renders a great quality of protection.


The body contact and collision impact is reduced by this abrasion-resistant knee sleeve. Nike has earned reputation by providing best support with this.


  • Amazing support and best possible protection
  • Best solution for the people suffering from chronic patellar tendonitis
  • Breathability is for the people with dry and cool skin.
  • Perfect fitting for having the elasticity
  •  Alluring design can attract everyone.
  • Availability of various sizes and options.


  • The size will be a little bit loose after a long time.


While concluding my discussion, I can only suggest you that the Nike has a prominence of bringing their best sports items for the sportsman.

In this regard, it has brought about their their one of the best edition knee sleeves especially for the basketball players. The good news is that those who are fed up with the chronic patellar pain, they can now have a hope to revive their dream.

The high quality material used to make this sleeves for the best protection and support. The rest is up to your priority and decision.

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