Orthomen Unloader Knee Brace For Osteoarthritis


Looking for the right sized knee brace after a knee surgery? Orthomen stands to help out, specially designed knee just for you. It is the best bet after a knee surgery, a serious PCL, muscle tear, and ACL and PCL instabilities. Its design features are made totally appropriate for individuals suffering from osteoarthritis.

Orthomen is a strong unloader brace for osteoarthritis, with appropriate support features to keep the knee bones in place, aid flexibility and movement and also enhance faster recovery.

Four-Points of a Support Dynamics

The brace is designed with adequate compressions to reduce the strain on the knee injury thereby evenly distributing the compression appropriately on all part of the knee. Furthermore, the brace is designed to provide sufficient pressure on the four points of the knee thereby reducing the pain acquired on the knee.

Customized Measurement

The brace is a customized fit for your affected leg thereby preventing a case scenario of having to deal with the brace pulling off when any posture is taken or constant adjustments.

Light-Weight Material

Orthomen is designed with a carbon-fiber frame which gives it the light weight it possesses. This light weight feature prevents you from feeling weighed down by wearing a metal brace.

Buckle System

The brace is designed with a buckle clasp system that keeps the brace in place without fear or worries of it falling off.

Hinge Technology

Orthomen is designed with the hinge technology which is designed to aid support for serious knee injuries such as ACL, MCL, PCL and LCL. It is also designed to keep the patella in place after a knee surgery so as to aid movement freely without pressure or strain on the knee.

Pros of Orthomen

  • It aids stability and movement.
  • It’s designed to keep the knee well in place to prevent strain on the knee.
  • It is well designed with appropriate compressions on the four knee points which helps to relieve the pain on the knee.
  • It is designed to meet your actual knee size.
  • It has a buckle clasp system which helps to keep the knee brace in place thereby creating no worries of it falling off.
  • It is light in weight.

Cons of Orthomen

  • It cannot be worn under a tight clothing suit.

Some Important FAQ About Orthomen

Q: Can it be adjusted to reduce compression on the leg?

A: Yes it can. Orthomen has five claps at different positions of the leg which can be adjusted to increase or reduce the pressure on the leg.

Q: Can it be worn by individuals with no leg injuries?

A: Yes. It can be worn by any individual. The purpose of a brace is first to prevent knee injuries and help to aid fast recovery in cases of mild or serious knee related injuries.

Q: Can it be worn all through the day?

A: Yes. It can be worn for as long as possible.


Orthomen is a medically approved knee brace for individuals suffering from osteoarthritis, mild and serious knee related injuries such as fractures, strains and knee sprains. It is also designed to help individuals heal quickly immediately after their knee surgeries.

It is designed to aid stability and enhance movement. It is made of a light weight material so you don’t feel the pressure of the brace coupled with your knee injury. It also has the buckle system which gives room for compression levels adjustment. Orthomen stands out to meet your needs and gives you the comfort you desire with your brace in hand.

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