Ossur Unloader One Knee Brace Undersleeve

Ossur Unloader One Knee Brace Undersleeve

Ossur is a specially designed osteoarthritis knee brace with special emphasis on the knee and knee calves. It is medically approved for use for individuals who recently had a knee surgery. This is to ensure that all bones are firmly locked to aid relief.

It is also designed for sportsmen and women actively participating in skiing, water-board, skating, scuba diving, hockey and other energy exerting sports.

Its design feature is to aid relief from knee strain, ACLs, PCls, and LCLs. It is also designed to prevent knee related injuries thereby aiding movement and delivering comfort.

Four Clasp System

The presence of a four clasp system helps to keep the leg in place thereby applying pressure on all knee points and relieving pain in the process. The clasp system is applied with appropriate compression limit so as to regulate the amount of pressure on the leg. It is also designed to aid mobility and provide adequate support.

The clasp system also helps to keep the brace in place and prevent a slack. The clasps are also adjustable to control the amount of pressure.

Body Fit

The brace is well designed to fit the leg perfectly making it fit like a perfect glove.

Light Weight Material

The brace is made of a carbon fiber material which gives the brace its lightness thereby preventing you from feeling the weight of the brace.

Cross Lock Design

The brace is made with a cross lock design which is evident in its four way clasp system. This cross lock feature is designed to put more pressure behind the patella thereby giving the knee the appropriate support and protection during flex work outs that way, the knee is firmly in place irrespective of the degree of stretch applied to the knee.

Pros of Ossur Unloader One Knee Brace

  • It gives adequate support to the leg.
  • It aides mobility and comfort.
  • Gives room for flexibility.
  • It is unique in design.
  • Has a unique color and style.
  • It is extremely light in weight making user feel comfortable and unaware of a brace on.
  • Keeps the knee bones firmly in place and aids faster recovery.
  • The clasps are adjustable to control pressure made on the leg.
  • Fits perfectly on leg without any bulge.
  • Also comes in different sizes and pattern.

Cons of Ossur Unloader One Knee Brace

  • It is very expensive.

Important FAQ About Ossur Unloader One Knee Brace

Q: Does it work with anybody?

A: Yes. It works for individuals without knee injuries but planning to stay safe, it works well for people suffering from mild to serious knee injuries, it works well for individuals who suffer from arthritis and finally for individuals who just had knee surgeries. It also comes with different sizes and pattern such as medial and lateral of which your knee type injury determines which is best for use. It is best to consult the doctor in this case.

Q: How often can one wear it?

A: it can be worn for as long as possible.


Ossur Unloader one OTS is a medically approved and designed osteoarthritis knee brace with the good working condition of the cartilage and patella in mind thereby relieving knee pains and allowing room for flexibility, mobility and support. It is also designed to loosen up the stiffness in the legs for patients suffering from arthritis. It is also designed to create relief for individuals suffering from knee related injuries.

It’s also adequate for individuals who engage in lots of sporting events especially due to the constant activeness of their joint capsules, periarticular muscles, synovial membrane and ligaments.

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