POWERLIX Knee Compression Sleeve For Knee Pain

PowerLix compression knee sleeves are specially designed to prevent meniscus tear, reduce arthritis, and aid quick recovery of sports injury. They also come in different sizes for best fit and maximum result.

PowerLix is beautifully designed with a classy look. This makes it suitable for outdoor activities. It is suitable for basketballers, runners, and other forms of strenuous sports. 

When comes to keeping the pressure off your knee to reduce the occurrence of sports injuries, PowerLix is one of the choice products out there on the market. It is strictly designed with you at heart for optimum satisfaction.

Basic Features of the PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve

Ergonomically designed

Designed to provide full support for the knees while carrying out your full range of motion and exercises.

Designed for stability

PowerLix sleeve is designed to provide stable pressure around the knee joints. This provides relief against knee pain, and other sports injuries such as tendonitis, meniscus tear, ACL, PCL, MCL, stiffness, soreness and other forms of knee pain.

Sweat Proof Design

It is designed with breathable materials that keep the skin dry all day no matter how hard you work. This helps to provide maximum comfort all through the day.

Comes in different sizes

They come in different sizes for both men and women. They come in small, medium large and extra-large. Just pick the size that fits you best.

Double Silicone gel strip

Designed with double silicone gel grip for firm grip during intense activity and extended exercise periods.

Smooth and soft feel

Designed to maintain the smooth and soft feel even after long hours of use.

Perfect fit

Designed and knitted technically to match with different joints.

Graduated compression

PowerLix is designed to improve circulation and aid in fast recovery after and delivers optimal sustenance for muscle endurance.


  • Anti-slip design that sticks perfectly even during rigorous exercises.
  • Knitted with special anti-sweat material that helps keep out sweat and keeps the knees dry.
  • Provides solid support, comfort, and relief without affecting your movement.
  • It aids in in fast recovery by improving circulation.


  • May cause irritation and inflammation owing to the fact that it is a closed patella design.
  • Some people may react negatively to silicon grip. Some people tend to develop itchy skin after prolonged use of silicon straps.
  • They are not suitable for athletes and sportsmen with open wounds and bruises.


PowerLix compression knee sleeves are a must-have for athletes. Every athlete needs to protect themselves from minor sports injuries.

PowerLix compression knee sleeves provide the needed support for the knees. It takes away the pressure from the knee and redistributes it around the knee for stability and better support.

It aids in the recovery process, reduces arthritis and helps reduce swelling. However, the silicone grip may be a turn off for athletes who have allergies to silicone. 

It is not also suitable for athletes with hairy skin. Generally, the product is of high quality and recommendable standards. It is worth the try.

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