Pure Support Knee Compression Sleeve for Arthritis Pain

Pure support knee sleeve are specially designed to provide the best patella compression. It is very useful for athletes, sportsmen and women and people who indulge in strenuous physical activities.

This kind of sleeve is also designed for kids. This product come in singles and comes in three different sizes. 

Because of the fact that many sportsmen and women have the high risk of sports injury, this product is very handy.

It helps in reducing the occurrences of arthritis pain, sports injuries as well as aid in the recovery process when injuries occur. This product is designed purely for knee and joint support.

Features of Pure Support Knee Compression Sleeve

Non-slip Grip Band 

Designed with double silicone gel waves that help keep the sleeves in position. These silicone gels are very useful during physical exercise. They prevent the sleeves from slipping, rolling or sliding while physical exercises are in progress.

3d circular knitting technology 

This product is high quality and made of elastic yarn. Creatively crafted with 3D circular technology for optimum performance in a long run. This technology also helps to extend the lifespan of the sleeves.

Graduated and Optimum Compression

Designed for best compression without hindering your movement during exercises. Designed to support full movement while offering the best compression and support. This helps you reclaim your self-confidence during exercises like weight lifting.

Breathable and Sweat Proof Material 

specially woven with spandex and polyamide. It is very comfortable to the skin. It does not itch. Pure support knee sleeve are breathable and help to keep out the sweat and prevent bacteria growth.

They come in different sizes 

Pure support knee sleeve come in different sizes for best fit and optimum performance. Selecting the right size for you is best for achieving the best result. Simply check the size chart for what best fits you.


  • 3D design and innovative design enables the sleeve to last a long time before change is required.
  • Aids in effective joint and pain relief as well as aid quick recovery from injury.
  • Graduated for optimum compression without restraining movement. It provides the necessary warmth needed for improved blood circulation.


  • It does not come in pairs and therefore costs more when you need to purchase for both knees.
  • Closed patella design is not suitable for those with knee bruises and open knee wounds. It can cause further inflammation and irritation.
  • Comes in just three sizes and not suitable for people with extremely large thighs and undersized people.


Pure support knee sleeve are well crafted and beautifully designed. They can be worn anywhere at any time. 

They are designed to provide superior support to the knees and reduce the occurrence of basic sports injuries. No need of belt strap to keep the sleeve intact during strenuous activities and extended exercises. 

The silicon strap helps keep the sleeve perfectly in place. It is designed to support all kinds of movement while providing optimal compression.  

The major turn off to this product the fact that they don’t come in pairs. It costs more to purchase for both knees.

Sizes are limited to just three sizes. If you’re extra-large, you might consider going for a different knee sleeve.

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