Rehband Knee Sleeve 7mm Model 7051(Blue)


Why buy a low-end knee sleeves that last of 6 months or less when you could have a premium Rehband knee sleeve 7mm that is durable. Ask anyone who has used the Rehband knee sleeves, he or she will tell you a good story that revolves around its performance and durability about this knee sleeves.

From the material to the functionality. And because of that it won't surprise you to find that that the Rehband knee sleeves reviews 5 star from hundreds of satisfied customers.

Aside from the great the love this knee sleeves has received, the Rehband sleeve is also known for:

  • Providing premium comfort and speed up recovery to ailing knees.
  • Promote light compressional benefit that doesn't cut circulation.
  • Reduce stiffness and swelling of the knees.
  • It features top notch material that are durable.
  • With Rehband knee sleeves you enjoy great support and comfort during intense workout or training in the gym or with any sport.
  • The Rehband is anatomical shaped to provide both heavy compressional supports.

For those three reasons, you will love having this knee sleeves for your leg. I have to admit one thing about this knee sleeve. It is very expensive compared to other knee sleeve in the market.

But it is expensive for good reasons. In just few minutes, I want to walk you through so that you can learn some of the features this knee sleeves has.

From the premium material to the functionality of the knee sleeves. Then from there you can decided of it is something that you will want to protect your knees.

Okay, let begins with.....

Quick Interesting Features to Note

The Rehband knee sleeve is very easy to put on.

  • Quality top notch material: 100% of the material is made from neoprene foam. It also features a combination of neoprene together with 100% polyamide cover and lining. All this material gives the knee sleeve a nice stretch and little re-bounce when you are doing physical activities. That's why this sleeve is good for squats, leg press or power lifting.
  • Thick interior mesh: Most knee sleeves on the market don't have a nice interior like the Rehband. The one thing that you will love with knee sleeves is the fair amount of cushion that comes with thick interior mesh. I will have to say that the material is not breathable but what I have noticed is that it keeps your knees warm and comfy.
  • No slippage: With the material like neoprene and polyamide, you are guaranteed no slip or roll down. You can do your squats and leg press without worrying about bending on your knees to adjust the knee sleeves.
  • Washable: This material are not breathable, they are designed in such a way that you can wash them with easy. You can either wash with your hand or machine and it won't affect the strength of the knee sleeve as long as you use an oxygenated detergent.
  • Odorless: You know that smell that keeps away people from being near you in the gym. Well, if your knee sleeve doesn’t have quality material, then chances of sweat and smell are likely to occur. First, this knee sleeves is not breathable but that doesn't means that it is sweaty, although, you are advised that you should dry them immediately after use.
  • Durable: With this knee sleeves you don't need to be conscious on how long you will last with it. With good care and maintenance, you can stay with this knee sleeves for more than two years. Considering that it expensive, it is worthy every cent when you factor in how long it will last.


I love this knee sleeves, however, they are couple of issues that needs to be addressed. The limitation that I provide here shouldn’t be a bigger deal considering its functionality.

  • For the same price, I would love check out this knee sleeves was airy and prevented sweat accumulation like the Ultra flex sport knee sleeves.
  • For the same price, I would check out this knee sleeves I was able to stay with it for 24 or 12 hours. Unfortunately, you can only use this product for 2 or 3 hours.

What attracted me to this knees sleeve is the durability. The fact that you can stay with for more than two years if they are well maintained. If you don't have a problem with any of this limitation, then you can proceed to check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are they sold?

They are sold in single not in pairs. If you need to for both knees then you need to buy two.

How do I get the right measurement for my knee?

The knee sleeve has its own sizing chart. To get the right fit, you will get direction and instruction on how to do this. To be brief, you need to measure the mid patella (knee cap) with your leg straight.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Rehband knee sleeve 7mm is great but the question is....who should wear it. To be precise, who should I recommended it for. Before I tell you who should wear the Rehband, you have to understand that you can only use this knee sleeve for 2 or 3 hours. For that reason, I would recommend it to: Workout enthusiast who spends less than three hours in the gym, or those who do bits of jogging.

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