RiptGear Knee Compression Sleeve for Arthritis, Running

This is a unique creation of RiptGear and is specially designed for athletes and those who sportsmen and women. It is suitable for footballers, volleyball players, sprinters, basketball players, etc.

This product is designed to keep the joints and knees in place during extended exercises to reduce the occurrence of common sports injuries such as arthritis, meniscus tear and joint pain. 

It also helps to aid recovery in cases where these injuries have already occurred. This product provides the needed support around the knees thereby improving mobility and keep the knee in place during the healing process.

Features of Ript Gear Compression Sleeve

Non-slip comfortable design

They are designed to stay in position even during strenuous activities like running. The fit comfortably to the knees, keeping the joints in place during exercises.

Lightweight and durable

It does not add extra weight to the knees.

Designed with quality materials

The material used in production consists of Nylon (75%), spandex (10%), rubber (10%) and silicon (5%).

Wraps perfectly

Wraps perfectly around the knees to provide uniform compression and reduce inflammation.

Designed to fit all sizes

They come in different sizes for both men and women. The product comes with a size chart to help you choose the perfect size for you. They are ergonomically designed to support all kinds of motion.

Non-slip Silicon strap

Skillfully designed with a non-slip silicone grip that helps to hold the sleeves in place during extreme activities. This also helps the sleeves to stay in place for a very long period without slipping.

Designed with sportsmen at heart

It is comfortable and less irritating and can be used all day round. It is perfect for sportsmen and women.


  • The Ript Gear series is extremely flexible and offers optimum compression.
  • Designed with the high-quality material to provide a long-lasting result.
  • Designed with non-slip silicon layer that helps to keep sleeves in place during rigorous exercises.
  • Helps in arthritis, joint pain relief and stabilizes the patella.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.


  • The materials used in the production process is mostly Nylon which is a cause of allergy to some people.
  • The design is a closed patella design and not suitable for an open wound. This may trigger inflammation.
  • Silicon straps are not so friendly with hairy skin.


Ript Gear Compression Knee Sleeve is designed for guaranteed comfort and stability. It is extremely durable and guarantees an increased support to the knees and joint.

It aids in the recovery process for arthritis, meniscus tear and helps to relieve joint pain. It is designed to withstand all kinds of movement and elastic for maximum compression.

However, due to the allergy associated with nylon on some individuals, some athletes tend to turn away from this product. It is not also suitable for athletes with open knee wound.

Besides these, it’s a really good product that deserves the try.

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