Roxofit Compression Knee Sleeve for Arthritis, Running and Knee Injury

Roxofit Compression Knee Sleeve

Roxofit compression knee sleeve comes with amazing features suitable for your sporting activities such as running, basketball, weight lifting and a few others.

It is designed to prevent knee related injuries, aid faster relief to knee pains and strains which includes meniscus tear, LCL, MCL, PCL, ACL. With Roxofit knee brace, your worries are definitely over.

The brace doesn’t just perform the work of easing your pain and preventing knee related injuries, it is designed to give you comfort and peace of mind all day long. It is designed to adequately support your stride at any limit and improves your mobility.

Non-Slip Grid Band

Roxofit knee brace comes with your comfort in mind, and in order to achieve this, it is designed with a silicone gel which prevents the brace from slipping off during the excessive workout.

The non-slip nature aids to support and helps to enhance stride and improve mobility.

3D Circular Knitting Technology

It is designed with 3D technology which centers its compression on all sides of the knee, the patella inclusive. That way, the compressions exerted on those vital points will aid faster recovery.

Graduated Compression

Roxofit is designed with a high level of compression which can be felt at the patella and the vital points at different parts of the knee. There are also compressions behind the knee which helps to nudge the knee and enhance support and mobility that way irrespective of the extent of stride you might take, the knee is well secured.

Breathable Fabric

The knee brace is made of a highly breathable material which adequate absorbs sweat released during workouts and sporting exercises. The material also appropriately conducts thermal energy and ensures it’s well circulated around the knee that way the warmth needed to aid healing is sure.


  • It enhances support.
  • It improves mobility.
  • It enhances support.
  • It supports stride sufficiently.
  • It is made of a highly breathable material.
  • The level of compression aids blood circulation for fast recovery.
  • The presence of silicone gel at the knee sleeves prevents the brace from slipping off.
  • It has appropriate compressions which makes it suitable for individuals suffering from mild and serious arthritis.
  • Due to its 3D feature, compression is applied on all vital points of the knee which aids recovery.


  • It is only available in blue color.
  • It comes as a single brace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can it be used?

A: First of all, there is no limit as to when you should use your knee brace. It is a knee supporting material designed to prevent injuries to the knee and broken knees. Secondly, it is designed to aid faster and smooth recovery for individuals suffering from mild and serious knee injuries. Invariably, it should be worn frequently during workouts and frequently to solve your knee injuries.

Q: Can it be worn under a clothing suit?

A: Yes. The brace is a slip fit kind which wraps around your knee like a fitted glove with no bulge of any sort.


Roxofit is a single knee brace with compression knee sleeves and adequately proportioned compression on the patella, around the vital points of the knee and behind the knee. This is made possible and evident in its 3D circular knitting technology. It is designed to fit appropriately with any leg size and as such comes in different sizes.

Roxofit is designed with a highly breathable material which supplies the needed thermal circulation. Also the material is designed to go in line with all skin types that way preventing cases of skin reactions.

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