What Makes A Good Knee Brace?

A good knee brace will have certain characteristics that make it unique. Over the past, I had a chance to wear knee brace for 18 months that was when I was playing volleyball. I have discovered that a best knee brace will have the following characteristics or property that makes standout.

Adjustable straps

An excellent knee brace will have adjustable strap that promotes better comfort and prevent slipping. It is common to find knee braces that have two or even more straps that guarantee you secure custom fit.

Some companies will make Velcro strap that offers lots of support and compression to the knees. If you can get a knee brace with Velcro strap, take it. Because, the Velcro strap provides unique bi-directional support which helps to stabilize the patella

Breathable material

You will want to go for something that does not build up sweat. Lots of sweat around the knee can make you feel uncomfortable. You cannot even think about sleep with a knee brace when you have this sweat dripping out.

Ergonomic design

You want something that holds your knee perfect. No tight to prevent blood vessels from flowing or causing an itching effect. Before you get one for yourself, check out the ergonomic design of the knee brace. It should prevent anti-slipping and no itching.


No one wants to offend others in the gym or during training. For that reason, a knee brace which is washable is good great buy. Check out the knee brace that you are buying, does it promotes smell or inhibit.

After you have done your regular jogging, it is good to wash your knee brace so that it remains ultra-clean and safe to be used the next time.

Thin and light

Not everyone would want a thin and light knee brace. Some people would want lots of compression on their knee. Personally, I love a knee brace that is thin and light because it allows leg flexion and extension and also it promotes light compression. A thick knee brace is great, but seek medical advice before buying a thick knee brace.

With a thin and light knee brace you can wear anything behind the knee. It can be a leggings or any kind of stocking and nobody will ever know you have one.


If you are not sportsman and you are using your knee brace 2 or 3 times a week, then you would stay with it for 6 to 18 months. But if you do aggressive sports and lots of training, you will need to wear a knee brace regularly and replace it often.

Now before you get a new set of knee brace, you need to know first, what kind of brace you are looking for. Is it the one with more straps? Or do i want something that is sport in nature. You need to assess your needs before you buy one of them. To help you have a smooth buying process, make sure that the one you have bought has the above characteristics of a knee brace.

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